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Chickpeas are not only nutritious, a source of fibre, and wallet-friendly but they’re also extremely versatile. Try these tasty tips and recipe ideas from snacks to mains the next time you pull out a tin of chickpeas and watch everyone clean their plates!

We turn an economical tin of chickpeas into delicious dishes—from snacks to mains to desserts—with flavour twists to turn any naysayer into a devotee of the humble legume.

Easy chickpea snack

Easy chickpea snack

If you like your chickpeas crisp and crunchy, we’ve got an easy, delicious snack that’s ready in no time. We suggest you use a can of chickpeas if you don’t have the time or inclination to soak dried chickpeas overnight. Then, it’s just about adding a few key spices and ingredients to flavour boost every handful and—presto!—you’ve got the tastiest Roasted Cajun Chickpeas around.

Hot tips: You can sprinkle these onto a salad or soup for a tasty topper. Switch up the seasonings when you roast them to customize the flavours to your liking. Try out a Greek-style spice mix including oregano, rosemary, sea salt, and lemon zest, or how about garlic and onion powder, smoked paprika and freshly cracked black pepper for a Spanish-inspired take?

Vegan chickpea recipes

These vegan recipes don’t disappoint. They’re nutritious, flavourful, filling, easy on the budget, and worth a bit of effort. Best of all, you’ll have the carnivores wondering what you did to make the star of the show—the humble chickpea—taste so good!

Chickpea skewer recipe

Who needs ground meat when you’ve got a tin of chickpeas? Fresh herbs, garlic, spices, and soy sauce give these koftas an umami edge. Grill them (indoors or outside) on the skewer or bake them and you’ve got a satisfying main in moments. Want to add a veg boost? Thread pieces of zucchini, peppers or mushrooms onto the skewer to round out your meal.

Chickpea loaf with tahini gravy recipe

Made with canned chickpeas, eggplant, tahini, and vegan breadcrumbs, this loaf packs a “meaty” satisfying punch without the usual suspects. Infused with the flavours of the Mediterranean, this is a dinner party–worthy main your guests will enjoy.

Chickpea and bean falafel recipe

This Mediterranean street-food favourite can be yours with a tin of chickpeas, black beans, tahini, spices, herbs, and cooked quinoa. The best part? They’re baked so you get tender-crisp bites of falafel without any oily residue. If you like yours spicy, don’t forget cayenne pepper or chopped fresh hot peppers. Serve with this “Crisper” Chopped Salad with Tahini Dressing and double up on the dressing for dipping.


You can’t go wrong with everyone’s favourite dip: your own homemade hummus. Bonus points for citrusy, garlicky flavour in our easy-to-make Classic Hummus Dip recipe. If you like yours spicy, add fresh chopped chili peppers, cayenne pepper or more black pepper to the recipe. A sprinkle of za’atar spice on top and a drizzle of olive oil is the perfect way to serve this naturally vegan crowd-pleaser.

Hot tip: If you like your hummus with pizzazz, feel free to add sunflower seeds, cooked edamame or cooked beets to dip with a twist.

Vegan Lemon Meringue Pie recipe

Here’s what’s neat about this recipe: the meringue isn’t made with egg whites; it’s made with the liquid of no-sodium-added canned chickpeas. Also known as aquafaba (bean water), it’s a pretty close doppelgänger for the egg-white version, but this pie is vegan from start to finish—and it tastes delicious!

Vegetarian chickpea recipes

Meatless Mondays never looked so good with vegetarian wraps, burgers, and other soul-satisfying favourites that pack a nutritious twist. You’re welcome!

Chickpea collard wraps recipe

Think of these wraps as a tasty, filling, and delicious alternative to traditional burritos. Our version features the sweet and salty flavours of a teriyaki chickpea filling that gives this collard-wrapped sensation a satisfying texture in every bite!

Lemon chickpea burger recipe

Meatless Mondays never had it so good! With this vegetarian recipe featuring a can of chickpeas, cooked quinoa, lemon zest and juice, spices, and oats, you’ve got a terrific patty that’s super satisfying. Flavour-packed and ready in 30 minutes, it’s the midweek wonder you’ve been looking for!

Chickpea stir-fry recipe

Who says you can’t stir-fry chickpeas? Not us! In fact, we encourage this added fibre boost in your next veggie stir-fry, along with your favourite veggies, Asian hot sauce, garlic and ginger. Serve over some steamed jasmine rice for a comforting, tasty dinner that’s ready in under 15 minutes!

Chickpea pumpkin fritter recipe

You can have the best of both worlds with this chickpea fritter featuring pumpkin (or any leftover cooked squash), herbs, and spices. Serve it as part of a main, as an appetizer or any time as a hot snack. Don’t forget the side of garlicky mayo to take things up a notch!


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