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Proudly supporting women and women-owned businesses

At Sobeys Inc., we are committed to making diversity, equity and inclusion part of everything we do. Our local supplier program is a natural extension of this journey towards building an inclusive culture. By supporting women entrepreneurs to grow and scale their businesses, we are bringing greater diversity to our stores, our customers and in helping support the communities we serve. Here are some of the women-owned businesses we proudly support in select stores across the country. Check your local store for a selection of products.

International Women's Day

Support women entrepreneurs!


Image of Natalia, founder of Seven Spice, infront of a brick wall wearing black coat.

Natalia Lazic of Seven Spice

Natalia Lazic grew up eating spicy food, thanks to her family’s Yugoslavian roots. With a passion for home cooking, she was frustrated that she could not find a quality, Asian-style chili oil. One day, she and her mother Anna, started mixing ingredients in the kitchen, and before you could say the words ‘chili oil’ Seven Spice Chili Oil was created. The number 7 inspires the name, Seven Spice as it was originally made with seven ingredients. Seven Spice chili oil is available in hot, mild and extra hot.

Image of Sarjesa Tea founder, standing outside in yellow dress.

Alexandra Daignault of Sarjesa Tea

Alexandra started her radically tasty tea company as a university student to raise awareness of violence against women and supporting local programming for women in crisis. Sarjesa, alongside small farmers, foragers, and suppliers, create deeply flavourful and aromatic teas and tisanes from Canadian and International ingredients. They are still dedicated to their original cause and donate 20% of their profits to Calgary’s Awo Taan Healing Lodge Society.

Nada Choufi in food safe garb holding handfuls of chickpeas on her factory floor.

Nada Choufi of MotherMayi

As a daughter of a professional chef, food-lover, and mother of three (“four, including her husband”), Nada is always looking for healthy, clean eats that help nourish her family. That’s why her line-up of award-winning vegan hummus dips are preservative and gluten-free. Try her modern flavours, from Roasted Beet to Sweet Potato and Spicy Sriracha Hummus. Happy dipping!