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Community Action Fund Donation Requests

We are proud to be Canadian. Whether it’s supporting organizations on the frontlines of food insecurity or making early interventions possible for child and youth mental health, being Canada’s Family Grocery Store and building healthier tomorrows is at the heart of everything we do.  We aren’t just about one family, but all the different kinds of families who make up our great land from coast to coast.

The Community Action Fund was created in March 2020 to help support immediate needs in the communities we serve.

Our support of the local community is focused on building healthier tomorrows for more neighbors, by supporting the mental and physical health of children and families. Funding is centered on:

  • Healthy Bodies - removing barriers for more Canadians to access healthy and affordable food.
  • Healthy Minds - early interventions of child & youth mental health 

A healthy body and healthy mind go hand-in-hand, and the community groups we partner with support one or both of these areas of health and wellness.  

Woven throughout our company is our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  Through the Community Action Fund, we partner with marginalized groups to help provide the right ingredients to amplify our commitment to build a sense of inclusive belonging for all of our neighbors.

General Guidelines and Eligibility Criteria for Community Action Fund Donations

  • The organization must be a Canadian Registered Charity
  • The donation request is for under $10,000
  • The event or project must directly benefit the communities where we operate
  • The donation request is for a donation vs an event sponsorship* (see below)
  • Eligibility is dependent on the organization agreeing to provide a follow up report that identifies their measures of success
  • The organization must align with one or both areas of support listed above (healthy bodies and healthy minds)

We do not issue charitable donations to the following:

  • Any individual or business endeavours
  • Organizations that collect funds for subsequent redistribution to other charities or to individuals
  • Organizations with values, purposes, policies or practices in conflict with Sobeys values
  • Promotion of political organizations and affiliated activities
  • Religious or sectarian programs or purposes, unless they are engaged in a significant project benefiting the entire community
  • Conferences or seminars
  • Salaries or operating costs
  • Endowments
  • Trips and tours
  • Film, video and television productions
  • Publications and advertising 
  • Private clubs

Sponsorship Requests:

*If you are seeking a sponsorship related to a for-profit venture or event, please submit your request to:

Sobeys Community Action Fund


Sobeys has a proud history of giving back, and in these challenging times, our local communities need us more than ever. We’re committed to helping those most in need with our Community Action Fund, supporting communities from coast to coast. Sobeys stores are creating thousands of unique acts of support, a commitment equaling millions of dollars, and, addressing the emergency needs facing frontline community organizations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the unprecedented situation constantly shifting, we know that each and every community will be in need of unique support to address the increased challenge of food insecurity. In the weeks and months to come, we will continue to work with community groups to offer support to neighbours in need in their time of crisis.

Sobeys is incredibly inspired by our community partners and their unwavering commitment. Thank you to the frontline employees and volunteers in community food networks across the country for their extraordinary efforts to make healthy and affordable food possible during this unprecedented time.

Every day, our family is responding to donation requests. We’ll continue to do everything we can.

If your organization is interested in applying to Sobeys for support, please visit here.

If your organization is looking to apply for a discount for a bulk order of Sobeys gift cards, please visit here. Discounts are available on orders over $2,000 and applied at the time of order.

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