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Whether you’re looking for the right cheese to pair with your favourite wine or building the perfect cheese plate, our Cheese Ambassadors are here to answer your questions and help you discover something new. Ask us for a taste!

Talk to a Cheese Ambassador and discover our wide selection of delicious cheeses from around the world.
Take part in our ‘Taste and Learn’ sessions at your local Sobeys store to hear more about our pick of the month.
At Sobeys, you can sample any cheese any time. From our pick of the month to your Cheese Ambassador’s favourite, just ask.

  • Meet Jessica

    Glen Abbey Sobeys Cheese Ambassdor Oakville, ON "My Favourite cheese right now is Upper Canada's Comfort Cream. It’s rich and creamy; it just coats your whole mouth. One of my favourite pairings is a nice aged Gouda with some fig jam."

  • Say Hello to Chris

    Sobeys Cheese Ambassador Calgary, AB "We want to ensure that you love the cheese before buying it.
    So feel free to sample any of the cheeses you’d like! Depending on your taste preference, we can offer suggestions and recipe ideas."

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    Frequently Asked Cheese Questions
    Can you freeze cheese?

    It’s possible to freeze cooked pressed cheeses but we always recommend eating cheeses fresh. Freezing cheese will change its flavour and texture – it may be crumblier and drier when thawed. You should definitely avoid freezing bloomy rind and washed rind cheeses.

    Chris, Strathcona Square Sobeys Cheese Ambassador

    Can you eat the rind?

    It depends on the type of cheese. You can eat most rinds like those on washed and bloomy rind cheeses. If the cheese has a wax rind on it, you cannot eat it. Hard aged cheeses that have a natural rind can be used to add flavor to soups, sauces or even making your own infused flavored oils.

    Basana, Preston Crossing Sobeys Cheese Ambassador

    How do I know if I’m going to like the cheese?

    At Sobeys we encourage you to “try before you buy.” If you are ever unsure or want to taste something different, feel free to ask for a sample. We want to help you discover something new and make sure that the cheese you’re bringing home is one that you’re going to love.

    Jessica, Glen Abbey Sobeys Cheese Ambassador

    What cheeses are best for melting?

    The most popular cheeses for melting tend to be from the pasta filata category such as Provolone and Mozzarella, or from the uncooked pressed cheese category such as Havarti, Gouda, and Fontina. For something different, try melting Brie, Oka, Asiago, Gruyere, Swiss, or Canadian Cheddars.

    Nancy, Scott Street Sobeys Cheese Ambassador

    How can a Cheese Ambassador help me shop for cheese?

    Cheese Ambassadors are here to help you learn about and experience new cheeses. We help you find the perfect cheese for a tantalizing dish or a wine or beer that you enjoy. We can assist you with a cheese that suits any dietary restrictions.

    Nancy, Scott Street Sobeys Cheese Ambassador

    With so many choices, how do I know what to buy?

    You’re welcome to try any cheese first to discover what you like, then choose based on what you are using it for. As always, talk to a Cheese Ambassador – we’re happy to share our favourites and make a recommendation.

    Lisa, Elmwood Drive Sobeys Cheese Ambassador