Tips and better food guides

Better Food Guide to Peppers

Peppers are no ordinary vegetable. Whether they’re enjoyed roasted, raw on a veggie platter, or puréed into sauces, they can impart subtle warmth or red-hot heat. No matter the recipe, there’s a pepper to complement every dish.

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Better Food Guide to Freezing

Stocking your freezer with the right stuff helps you save time and money. A well-stocked icebox not only turns meal planning and batch cooking second nature, it also comes to the rescue when unexpected circumstances crop up. Why? Because these freezer staples can be transformed into last minute meals at any given time.

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Better Food Guide to Melons

Cool, crisp and super-juicy, melons are one of the most refreshing fruits you can sink your teeth into. They come in several varieties, each with a distinct flavour and charm. (Fun garden fact: Melons are cousins of squash, cucumber and pumpkin—and are just as versatile.) We say grab a few different kinds and experiment with them in sweet and savoury dishes.

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Better Food Guide to Stone Fruits

Luscious and juicy, with a pit in the middle, stone fruits are a delicious fresh-from-the-tree treat. We’re particularly fussy about the quality of our stone fruits because the longer they’re left to ripen on their branches in the sun, the sweeter they become. We think they taste exquisite fresh and unadorned, but we also love them grilled, baked or stewed, as cooking intensifies their rich, fruity flavours. You’ll want to pick up a basket or two of your favourite varieties—they mix and match nicely in recipes.

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