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When you buy local fruits and veggies, you’ll enjoy some of the best flavours the season has to offer. When possible, Sobeys carries local produce – any produce grown within your province is considered to be local. In-season produce is picked at the height of its freshness and is often more abundant, so you may see a drop in prices that will help you stretch your budget further (especially if you freeze and preserve to save foods for the rest of the year). Another plus? Supporting Canadian growers feels pretty good too!
This handy chart will help you predict when your favourite homegrown items will reach their peak. Use it to plan your menus and grocery lists.

Note: The following seasonal produce guide is based on averages drawn from growers all over B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Adjust dates earlier or later depending on your local climate. Scroll down for links to local seasonal produce guides for your specific region.

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The Six Seasons

Spring: Since the West Coast is less prone to frost than other parts of the country, B.C. residents are usually the first to enjoy the spring bounty. But no matter whether you’re from the coast or the Prairie provinces, late March and April is when you will begin to see the first fresh produce of the year – delights like asparagus and rhubarb.

Early Summer: Fresh produce becomes more abundant from May to June, with British Columbia generally seeing seasonal vegetables and fruits on grocery store shelves the earliest. The first berries make an appearance and a wide variety of leafy greens is available. This is also the peak time for sweet summer peas.

Summer: This is prime season in our Prairie and western provinces for fresh produce. In B.C., sunny July and August bring cherries and raspberries ripened to perfection. Across the west, grocery aisles are piled high with colourful, ripe field-grown tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.

Early Fall: September, with its warm days and cooler nights, is a great month for fruits such as grapes, apples and pears. This is jelly- and tart-making season! Hearty squashes and pumpkins are available in abundance now.

Fall: This is the last chance to get many of the summer-peaking vegetables, such as tomatoes and corn, in season. Root vegetables like carrots and beets sweeten up with a touch of frost, and fresh cranberries appear in time for Thanksgiving.

Winter: The colder months are the best time to take advantage of fruits and vegetables that store well, such as apples, cabbage, carrots and potatoes – all ingredients that shine in soups and stews.

More Seasonal Produce Guides

Get more info on seasonal produce (and farms to visit) in your region at these websites:

British Columbia:

  • FarmFolk City Folk southwestern B.C. produce guide (PDF)
  • We Heart Local B.C. produce guide




  • Manitoba local produce guide (PDF)


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