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Alcohol-free drinks, or mocktails (also called “zero-proof drinks”), get a makeover with more complex flavours that feel decidedly adult and cocktail-worthy.

When did alcohol-free drinks become so cool? Not to mention tasty. We can recall when the “mocktail” section on a menu was more of an afterthought than a selection—and all the drinks were, essentially, variations on a cranberry soda.

Not anymore, though. Given the current move toward healthier and more mindful lifestyle choices, craft cocktail bartenders got to work on reimagining non-alcoholic drinks to the point that most bars and restaurants now have space on their menus dedicated to the art of “zero-proof drinks.” Finally, a trend we can fully get behind, especially since it means that, this season, nobody has to feel left out of all the delicious fun.

Tall clear heat-proof mug filled with hot buttered cider and a cinnamon stick garnish.

Hot Buttered Cider

The best way to make this drink is to make a batch of Butter Batter in advance and store it in the freezer, so you can pull it out whenever you need a little taste of pure apple butter indulgence. Try this hot buttered cider recipe.

 Stemless wineglass filled with blood orange spritz non-alcoholic cocktail, ice, an orange slice and fresh infarm mint.

Blood Orange Spritz

Designed to give us a little lift at the end of the day and get us started thinking about dinner, this spritz goes well with appetizers and other starters. Try this Blood Orange Spritz recipe.

Short decorative clear glass filled with milky coffee-coloured non-alcoholic cocktail, topped with fresh nutmeg.

Coffee Flip

“Flip” cocktails are a family of popular drinks made with whole eggs—sort of like individual eggnog drinks. This one calls for strong coffee but can easily be made with decaf instead. Try this Coffee Flip recipe.

*Stay safe. Please respect and follow all public health guidelines when celebrating the season.


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