Quick pickling is an instantly gratifying, taste bud awakening way to use summer’s surplus of fresh herbs and produce. Our speedy method is a twist on the age-old craft of canning – because these pickles are meant to be enjoyed within days of being doused with brine, there’s no need for the time-consuming sterilization and sealing that comes with true preserves. Brilliant for topping burgers, served on an appetizer platter or given as a gift in a beautiful jar.

You won’t have to wait long for these simple pickles – a speedy overnight stint in the fridge has them bursting with classic dill flavour, which will intensify the longer they sit (they will keep for up to four days).

Tip: Use non-iodized, or pickling, salt – iodized, or table, salt can turn pickled foods dark and make the brine cloudy.

Quick Pickled Beans with Garlic & Dill: http://bit.ly/1HODp0g

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