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At Sobeys, we are always inspired by smart innovations that make our valued customers enjoy their shopping experience even more – and we’re just getting started!

Why try our New Smart Cart?


Shop at your own pace


Optimize your time:
Scan and bag while you go


Weigh your items directly in the cart


Skip the check-out line: pay in the cart when you’re done

See Steps Below to Use the Smart Cart

Getting Started


Place personal belongings in the small basket at the front of the cart


Place customer owned shopping bags in the cart before you begin


Select START SHOPPING button on the tablet


Select AIRMILES button and scan or enter your member number

  • Tip: Bag items in the cart as you shop for efficiency.
  • Tip: Place products you have difficulty with, or items with a discount sticker in the small basket at the front and see a Front End Employee for assistance

Where Can I Try the Smart Cart?

Store Locations

  • Sobeys Laird & Wicksteed
    147 Laird Drive Toronto ON M4G 4K1
    Get Directions
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Check out these FAQs

What help can I get along my journey?

Employees throughout the store wearing ‘Smart Cart Ambassador’ buttons can assist you. Additionally, pressing HELP on the screen will capture our Ambassadors attention.

What do the lights on the Smart Cart represent?

We’ve added LED lights on our carts to help identify your stage in the shopping journey. One colour means you’ve just gotten started, and another means you’ve requested some help.

What technology makes the Smart Cart so smart?

Smart Carts use sensor fusion technology to identify items you shop for as you go to help make your checkout seamless.

How can I return an item I purchased while using a Smart Cart?

Same way as if you used a traditional check out method: simply bring your item and proof of purchase (digital receipt) to the customer service desk to receive your refund.

Can I purchase alcohol when using a Smart Cart?

Yes. If alcohol is available for purchase where you shop. Once in your cart you’ll be prompted to find a Front End Employee to validate your age once you tap the “checkout” button on your cart’s screen.

How do I get my receipt?

Once you pay, you can send yourself a digital receipt by entering your email or phone number.

How can I remove an item from my cart?

Simply tap the trash button next to the item, then remove it from the cart.

What if an item doesn’t have a barcode?

Add item without barcode.
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To serve you better, Sobeys is introducing 360Health Pharmacy & Wellness, our digital pharmacy service.

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