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Reduce Reuse Recycle
"Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rescue. We're introducing a 4th R to inspire Canadians to become food rescuers at home" surrounded by loose organic vegetables

Introducing the 4th "R"

We’ve heard of reduce, reuse, and recycle. While they’re all key in our quest towards a greener future, there’s another way we can make a difference across Canada.

And that difference is rescue.

We're here to help with tips and tricks for reducing food waste. Whether that’s making a marinade from pickle juice or finding a place for the flavourful cheese rind in your soups, these suggestions can help you use up every part of the products you buy.

Our tips are here to help you make your food go further and become a food rescuer at home! So, join in the conversation and share your Food Rescue tips on social media using #FoodRescue.

How to use your turkey leftovers

10 Ways to Rescue Food at Home

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Save the brine from pickles to use as a marinade for meat or to add to soups

Turn leftover bread into breadcrumbs

Take your fruit further by dehydrating it to create fruit leathers for snacking

Store it in the middle of the fridge where it's coldest - not on the door

Store nuts in the fridge or freezer to keep them fresher longer

Store nuts in the fridge or freezer to keep them fresher longer

Store extra lemons whole in the freezer then grate for zest as needed

Store extra lemons whole in the freezer then grate for zest as needed

Save the oil from canned sundried tomatoes or artichokes and use it to build flavour in salad dressings and sautees

Throw parmesan ends into sauces and soups to infuse extra flavour

Rescue extra slices of bread by using them to keep brown sugar from clumping

Wrap it in wax paper before storing in the fridge

Together, We Can Do OurPart to Rescue Food

At Sobeys, we are a family nurturing families. Meaning we're committed to doing OurPart™ to rescue food; to help prevent food waste and help redirect food surplus to communities across Canada who experience food insecurity.

And there’s so much to share, whether it’s keeping the rind for later or reorganizing the fridge: using our tips and tricks can help exdend the life of food. So, discover our food rescue tips below and join #FoodRescue movement.

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let's do our part for future generations
Waste reduction week in canada

Waste Reduction Week in Canada

Joy stands at kitchen counter cutting avocados in half

Food Rescue Partners!

Table covered in plates of vegetable scraps, bowl of fresh carrots in water, jars of herbs, bowl of croutons and a plate of bacon and cheese rind
A woman working with Second Harvest is looking up to the camera with a smile on her face as she holds a large cardboard box filled with red peppers, cauliflour, carrots, and apples that have been rescued from waste.

Our Partnership with Second Harvest