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The experts in our Bakery Dept. are always coming up with delicious ways to bring out customers the best in breads and baked goods. We asked our team about their unique offerings, which include everything from custom cakes to pull-apart cupcakes to on-site baked breads to keep dinner and dessert time delicious!

We carry anywhere from 60 to 70 varieties, depending on the store.
That means the products are actually baked in our store. We also have parbaked products, which means the item isn’t 100% baked and requires some time at the store level to refresh so that it’s at its best when fully baked by us for you.
Some of top-selling breads include our Mountain Grain Bread, Dutch Crunch Bread, white baguettes, Belgian Loaf, Winnipeg-Style Rye and our ever-popular in-store-prepared garlic bread.
This depends on the kind of meal I’m eating, but my favourite loaf would be the French-style bread. I enjoy making different cheese breads to complement the meal I’m having, which might mean turning a loaf into a garlic, pesto or Tex-Mex cheese–enhanced bread to serve with my meal.
The rule for storing bread at home is to keep the bread sealed in a bag, away from air and out of the fridge or freezer; the latter two dry bread out quicker.
Our artisan-style breads use 100% Canadian flour, are free from preservatives and artificial flavours. Our selection includes Tuscan Sourdough, Flax Seed Rye, Belgian Loaf, Prairie Harvest Multigrain, and San Francisco Sourdough Round. They’re some of our most popular breads in the Bakery Dept.
Our New York–style bagels are made with Canadian flour, using a long natural fermentation process. The bagels are made using a water-boiled technique that locks in moisture and sets the crust prior to baking. These bagels are baked in-store throughout the day with a golden-brown finish and a distinctive chewy crust and texture as well as a fluffy interior for truly tasty bagels. We’ve got eight flavours, including sesame, multigrain, cinnamon, cheese, and wild blueberry, for you to try!
We give our customers the ability to customize their cake their way with a choice of fillings, decorations, finishes, DecoPac images, and icings, including buttercream, whipped topping, fresh fruit, and real whipped cream. Choose your size, colours, theme, and message and we’ll have the cake ready for you in as little as 24 hours from the time of your order. These cakes are perfect for a special birthday, anniversary or graduation—any celebration, really—or just because!
To get exactly what you want, we suggest you order in person at our Bakery Dept. counter. You can also order via telephone; we offer various celebration cake images and information online to help make your selection easier.
Preheat the oven to 150°C (300°F) and place a pizza stone on the rack (if you don’t have a pizza stone, use a baking sheet). Spray the loaf with water to add moisture to the crust. Place the loaf on the pizza stone and heat for 6 to 8 min. Enjoy!
I like to use any of our artisan or crusty breads to make French toast, bread pudding, or homemade breadcrumbs for a number of dishes.
Yes, we bake cinnamon buns and a variety of cookies, croissants, strudels, and tarts in-store.
Customers loved our Coffee Crisp® range of desserts. We’ll be showcasing our next seasonal flavour—KitKat® cakes, croissants, Danishes, mini cheesecakes, and cake slices—soon! We offer seasonal treats like Halloween monster cakes, Halloween-themed cake slices, winter-themed cakes, and cupcakes as well.
Yes, we carry gluten-free bread, rolls, bagels, cookies, and brownies for our customers to enjoy.
Our most popular treats include our patisserie selection, celebration cakes, and topped cheesecakes.
Here’s the good news: We offer pies all year long in a variety of flavours, including the classics you’ve come to know and love.

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