Master the Technique

Our easy steps help you to successfully prepare and serve a turkey.

When stuffing a turkey, for even and safe cooking, ensure it is loosely packed. If leaving unstuffed, placing chopped fruit, vegetables or herbs in the cavity will add flavour and moisture to your bird.
Use butcher’s twine to truss (tie up) the turkey’s legs to help retain juices and keep an even shape when cooking.
A great tasting turkey needs only a good seasoning with salt and pepper on the skin, but if you want to kick it up a notch, our Apple-Maple Turkey gets its golden finish, crispy skin and tender meat from a flavoured butter that goes under and on the skin and by basting pan juices from the pan – a couple of extra steps toward deliciousness that are well worth the effort.
For easy carving, first remove the legs. Hold and gently pull the drumstick away as you cut through the skin. Slice through the joint, removing the drumstick and thigh, and then separate one from the other to serve.Then you can carve away – beginning at the front and starting halfway up the breast, cut downwards, parallel to the wing. Thin slices of meat will fall away as they are cut to this line.

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