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Hand-selected | Well-marbled | Aged to perfection

Sterling Silver® Premium Beef is cut from Canada AAA beef and aged for a minimum of 14 days for optimum tenderness. Its excellent marbling offers a tender, juicy steakhouse-style experience that's not only worthy of special occasions, but happily served for everyday meals. Exclusive to our banners

The Top 2/3 of AAA. What does it mean?

The AAA label refers to the amount of marbling, the fat woven through beef that adds flavour and tenderness. Sterling Silver Premium Beef is cut from the top ⅔ most marbled AAA beef.

Treat your family to Sterling Silver premium steaks and roasts for everyday cooking and special occasions. 

The Certified Tender* shield means the meat has been certified by the Canadian Beef Grading Agency to be tender and aged perfectly, so you can count on delicious results. You’ll only find this label on select Sterling Silver premium cuts.

*CBGA certifies that this product meets process requirements for Certified Tender beef. For more information on Certified Tender beef visit

Featured Cuts and Tips

Steakhouse quality enjoyed at home.

Cooking Tips


Sprinkle steaks with fine-grain table or sea salt, or medium-grain kosher salt. Add some freshly ground pepper or a favourite seasoning blend, if you like.

Pat It Dry

To develop that perfect browned crust, a steak’s surface needs to be dry when it hits the hot grill. Use a paper towel to blot away any surface moisture just before putting it on the grate.

When to flip your steaks

It's okay to flip your steaks regularly. (Unless you want perfect grill marks, that is.) Making multiple turns with a spatula or tongs is easier than trying to get the timing just so on a single flip, and it can help cook the meat more quickly and evenly. Turning steaks occasionally can even prevent dry, curled or cupped edges.

Check the temperature

Use a probe-style digital thermometer to check internal temperatures.

Cook your cut of beef to an internal temperature based on your preferred doneness:

  • Medium-rare: 63°C (145°F)
  • Medium: 71°C (160°F)
  • Well-done: 77°C (170°F)

Let it rest

Let beef rest 5-10 min. after grilling. This helps keep in juices.

Sterling Silver Rib Eye

Sterling Silver Rib Eye
Sterling Silver Top Sirloin Medallions

What to look for:

Depending on your preferred doneness, the edges or entire surface of the beef grills to a deep brown. If you like pink in the middle, the meat should have some "give" when pressed. If it's firm, it's likely already at well-done.


Flipping steaks frequently can help with more even cooking and avoid over-searing. This can result in a juicier steak.


Sterling Silver Flat Iron Steak and Roast

What to look for:

Flat iron can appear pinker inside even at the same doneless level as other beef cuts. Try grilling flat iron to a lesser doneness than usual for maximum tenderness and flavour. Remove from BBQ at 63°C (145°F) for medium-rare or higher temperature, as preferred. Tent under foil to retain cut’s ample juices.


Flat iron draws on expert butchery and is one of the most tender beef cuts available. It's regarded as second only to the tenderloin for tenderness.

Naturally aged Perfectly delicious

Naturally aged
Perfectly delicious

Why dry age?

In a word: flavour. The dry aging process naturally breaks down the fibres in the meat for an exceptionally tender texture. As the beef ages, much of the water inside evaporates, concentrating its rich, bold umami flavour.

Find Dry Aged Beef at the following locations:

  • Sobeys Clayton Park, NS
  • Sobeys Fredericton, NB
  • Sobeys Stratford, PEI
  • Sobeys Oxford & Wonderland, ON
  • Sobeys Mumford, NS
  • Sobeys Legacy, AB
  • Sobeys McKenzie Towne, AB

Preparing a Sterling Silver® beef roast in the oven is one of the simplest cooking methods around because it requires little attention to achieve delicious results! We break down the basics, differentiate roasting from baking and offer an arsenal of tips and tricks to get you the best oven roast beef possible.

Make the most of different cuts of beef and steaks so you get the best out of your purchase. Here are a few tasty recipe ideas and inspiration on how best to cook your beef so that you get the best possible results. These are so good; people might just lick their plates clean!

More Ways to Enjoy Sterling Silver

  1. Get to know your cuts

    Get the most out of your beef: know the cuts and how best to prepare them for everyday dining to special moments worth celebrating.

  2. Top Sirloin medallions

    Steakhouse dishes from your kitchen for a birthday dinner, Valentine's Day, or just because! Pan-cook this Seared Steak with Horseradish Sauce & Sweet Potato Fries for a twist on the classic steak frites dinner.

  3. Inside Round Roast

    When the weather turns cold, these tips and tricks will net you fool-proof roast beef the whole family will love.

  4. T-Bone Steak

    Father's Day, graduation or a long-weekend dinner? These grilled T-bones with a lemon herb compound butter and grilled asparagus make any night feel like a celebration.

  5. Tips

    You bought premium beef and want to get the most out of your cut, no matter what the occasion. That's why we break it down for you in 3 simple steps to make every steak, a juicy, tender eating experience.

  6. Grilling guide

    8 easy steps to every day grilling- we break it down for you here.

  7. Spiced Strip Loin Steak

    Spice up your summer grilling with this Spiced Strip Loin Steak that's ready in 20 minutes!.

*Sterling Silver Premium Beef is exclusive to participating Sobeys owned and operated banners.

Sterling Silver recipe inspiration

Sterling Silver recipe inspiration

Syrian Seven Spice Rib Steak with Chermoula

BBQ Rubbed Grilled Top Sirloin with BBQ Butter

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