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Sobeys Inc. proudly partners with Special Olympics Canada

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Sobeys Inc. is a proud national partner of Special Olympics Canada. This partnership is the first of its kind, addressing the need for increased nutrition education and resources for Canadians with intellectual disabilities.

As a Special Olympics Canada partner since 2016, Sobeys Inc. has contributed more than $5.4 million in food and funds. Through this support we see first-hand the difference nutrition education can make in empowering healthy bodies and healthy minds.

Sobeys donate $2 in store to help make a difference for your local Special Olympics athletes

Our goal is to raise $1 million with your help! Every $2 donation makes a difference in the lives of over 47,500 athletes with intellectual disabilities. 100% of funds raised will support your Special Olympic’s chapter. Sobeys Inc. will be matching customer donations up to $150,000 maximum.

With every $2 donation, we help empower local communities and programs across the country that work with 47,500+ athletes with intellectual disabilities to achieve their Special Olympics dreams. We also help address the need for increased nutrition education and resources for these athletes and their families.

To learn more about our partnership and to view the Nutrition Sessions, click here.

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