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Prep Time
10 mins
1 jar


1½ cups
whole-wheat flour
375 mL
2 tbsp
lightly packed brown sugar
30 mL
2 tsp
baking powder
10 mL
¼ tsp
each ground nutmeg and salt
1 mL
⅓ cup
lightly crushed banana chips
75 mL
⅓ cup
chopped toasted pecans
75 mL
4 tsp
flax meal
20 mL


Step 1
To make flour mixture for pancakes, in bowl, whisk together flour, brown sugar, baking powder, nutmeg and salt.
Step 2
In 2-cup (500-mL) Mason jar or tall, narrow re-sealable container, layer ingredients in the following order: half the flour mixture, banana chips, pecans, flax meal and remaining flour mixture. Seal with lid. Decorate with festive ribbon or string, and the printable Recipe Card for Vegan Banana Pecan Pancakes.
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