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Our seasonings come in two simple-to-use formats: bottled blends and grinders. Bottled seasoning and spice blends can be measured and added to recipes to give them deep, rich flavour. Grinders come packed with seasonings, with a convenient adjustable grinder built right into the lid. Use the fine grind for marinades and sauces, switch to coarse for rubs, and turn to medium for a sprinkling at the dinner table. And you don’t have to throw out the grinder when it’s empty — grab a handy refill pack and keep on seasoning.

Sensations by Compliments Seasonings are available in lots of expertly blended flavours. Try grinders in Roasted Garlic & Sweet Pepper, Sriracha, Firehouse Steak, Mediterranean Herb, Himalayan Pink Rock Salt and Perky Pepper. Or pick up seasoning and spice blends in Piri-Piri, Jamaican-Style Jerk and Garam Masala.

Visit your local Sobeys to discover the full selection.


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