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With our wholesome and easy meal plans, Sobeys can help you eat well - even on busy

Your Weeknight Meal Plan

Get our dietician-designed weekly meal plans, and follow our expert meal planning tips to cook a balanced, delicious and budget-friendly meal every night of the week.

Tips for Busy Weeknights

Portable Mason Jar Salads

You know you’re better than a #saddesklunch! This weekend, prep for a delicious work week ahead and make these mason jar salads:

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How to Carve a Whole Chicken

You’ve bought it, prepped it, spiced it and cooked it… but still have zero clue on how to carve tonight’s roast chicken?

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Fall Snacks: Easy and Wholesome

Keep cravings in check all year long with these simple snacks. They’re as easy to make as they are delcious!

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Gluten-Free Almond Apple Crisp

Jonagold and Golden Delicious are great all-purpose baking apples for pies, tarts and crisps. They have a sweet-tart taste and pleasingly tender texture when cooked.

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