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Choco-caramel layered ice cream cake using Compliments Caramel Flavour ice cream sandwiches, topped with a drizzle of sundae chocolate topping on a blue plate with the first slice cut.

The Ultimate Choco-Caramel Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

An assortment of frozen yogurt-based pops topped with sprinkles, chocolate bits, nuts and candy on ice in a blue bowl and one pop off to one side in an orange bowl.

You-Berry-Believe-It Fro Yo Pops

Dressed up waffle ice cream cones dipped in chocolate and covered in mixed nuts and coconut are topped with big scoops of chocolate ice cream, standing vertically in two blue glasses with a used ice cream scoop sitting next to it.

Double Chocolate Waffle Cone Explosion

Two individual-sized baked Alaskas on separate blue and yellow plates with bruleed tops, next to an orange napkin and two glasses of water.

Fire & Ice Blueberry Baked Alaska

Compliments chocolate ice cream sandwiches filled with sliced strawberries

Fun-filled Ice Cream Sandwiches

Two, tall milkshake glasses filled with a fruit pie and ice cream combination, one of which is purple, and in the background you see a berry pie.

Fruit Pie Shake