Wake up to the rich, full flavours and aromas of freshly brewed Sensations by Compliments Ground Coffee, made with 100% arabica beans. Carefully picked at the peak of ripeness, the beans are slow-roasted in small batches to bring out their best characteristics and then expertly ground for easy brewing.

No matter whether you like a lighter, fruitier coffee or a darker, more robust one, you’ll find a blend that’s just right for your palate. Colombia Cartagena Medium Roast has a clean finish, fruity flavour and light to medium body, while full-bodied Ciao, Roma Dark Roast delivers bittersweet, smoky tastes. Hazelnut Crème Medium Roast offers up rich, nutty and creamy flavours and is medium-bodied. And Metro-politan Blend Medium Roast is balanced and robust, with caramel aromas and a medium body. Mix it up and grab a selection of your favourites to suit all of your moods.

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