Whet your guests’ appetites for global flavours with delicious, easy-to-prepare Sensations by Compliments Chicken Breast Chunks. These crunchy bites come with their own tasty dipping sauces, making them the ultimate in convenient starters.

Inspired by food-truck favourites from around the world, these appetizers are casual and fun. They come in three different varieties to suit almost every palate. Made from all-white-meat chicken breast and free of added colours and flavours, they’re fully cooked and frozen. They go straight from freezer to oven— how easy is that?

Available in Mexican style with zippy salsa, spicy Thai style with sweet chili sauce, and Korean style with a zesty sweet-and-spicy dipping sauce. Keep all three varieties in the freezer so you can cook up a batch to satisfy any craving, anytime. Hosting a party? Offer the full range so guests can sample and discover their favourites.

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