Packed with crunchy kale, crispy carrots and tangy dressing, our Sensations by Compliments Kale Salad Kits are a delicious way to eat your greens. Grab one from our produce department for a quick, nutritious lunch on the run.

We’re obsessed with the fresh-tasting crunch of our Sensations by Compliments Kale Salad Kits – and we know you will be, too. These grab-and-go salads are loaded with three kinds of colourful kale and fresh, crispy carrots, all washed and ready to eat. Toss in some cooked chicken and add blueberries for a complete meal that’s wholesome and big on taste.

Choose from two dressing options: Orange Vinaigrette or Avocado Tomatillo Vinaigrette. Experience great taste at fabulous prices. Crafted with quality ingredients and true passion, all of our Sensations by Compliments products are free of artificial flavours and colours.

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