When you bite into a perfectly ripe peach, it drips with sweet, tangy juices—the taste of summer. Pick up one basket for snacking and another for preserving. Quick, while they’re in their prime!

Peaches add delicious flavour and texture to green and fruit salads. And they’re a favourite for cobblers, crumbles and purées, as the flavour and fragrance of peaches increases when you cook them. Try peach halves grilled as a tangy-sweet side to pork or chicken. If you can resist eating them all at once, freeze or preserve some for a sweet taste of summer all year round.

Peaches are perfect for tucking into lunch bags, packing into picnics and keeping on the counter for impromptu summery snacks. They’re naturally sweet, and most people will happily reach for one. Take advantage of the bountiful harvest!

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