Unlike other cheeses, Halloumi's amazing nutty and slightly salty flavour shines only when cooked—and it’s best served hot. Why not taste-test several flavours hot off the grill?

Excellent as an appetizer or snack, this crowd-pleasing cheese is unique—listen for its squeak on your teeth. You’ll love it pan-seared or barbecued until well-crisped on the outside and nicely gooey inside. Squeeze lemon juice over top, and pair it with olives and crusty bread. It won’t even need any extras if you pick up our inspired Mediterranean, Jalapeño or Indian Spice flavours.

As Halloumi doesn’t melt, you can grill it more like meat than cheese. Add cubes to kabobs, create a delicious topper for salads or burgers, or serve it as a flavourful stand-alone hot appetizer.

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