You’ll feel spoiled for choice by our Compliments Gluten-Free Loaves offerings. They’re remarkably soft and flavourful, with white, seeded and multigrain options. Visit our bakery and taste them for yourself.

Our bakers have developed a huge variety of Compliments Gluten-Free Loaves, including a high-fibre white farmhouse loaf with a soft, doughy texture; a multigrain version with a crunchy crust; a cinnamon raisin loaf that fills the air with spicy aromas as it toasts and satisfies the sweet tooth; and a chia-seed loaf that tastes nutty when toasted, though it’s delicious straight from the package, too.

All of our Compliments Gluten-free products are certified by the Canadian Celiac Association endorsed Gluten-Free Certification Program. These products are produced in manufacturing facilities which meet strict production requirements to ensure they are both safe and gluten-free. Better still, they’ve been taste-tested by customers like you and received two thumbs up for delicious taste, hearty texture and total satisfaction!

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