Bursting with flavour, Compliments Balance Fruit Juice Blends will keep your thirst quenched and your taste buds tantalized. Whether you love sweet or tart fruits best—or even mixing things up throughout the day—we’ve got just the blends for you.

All of our juice blends are made from tasty combinations of fruits. One cup of each counts as two servings under the fruits and vegetables section of Canada’s Food Guide, and these blends are also an excellent source of vitamin C. Choose from six varieties: We’ve got everything from cherry flavour (a blend of cherry, apple and grape juices) to blueberry-pomegranate flavour (a delicious mix of the juices of four fruits and four veggies).

Staying hydrated and meeting some of your daily fruit requirements is easy with Compliments Balance Fruit Juice Blends. There’s so much choice, too, you can keep things exciting by rotating a variety of our delicious flavours in the fridge.

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