Plump, sweet and juicy with crimson pulp, cherries are one of the wonderful tastes of summer. Keep a bag of these stone fruits ready to eat in your fridge—you’ll want to snack on them like candy!

Dark red and delicious, cherries are the perfect pop-in-your-mouth treat. You can also toss them into smoothies for rich colour and sweetness or use them to make jammy tarts, ice cream, syrups and jellies. In a crisp, they beautifully balance out the tartness of apples. So many options! And, as if all that weren’t enough, cherries contain melatonin, which may help you catch more Zs.

Why fill up on empty calories when you can get your sweet kick from such an intensely flavourful fruit? Cherries make an easy-to-carry snack, and they’re as delicious fresh from the bag as they are baked into your favourite pie or cobbler.

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