Cauliflower might have a ho-hum reputation, but this veg is infinitely versatile! Roasted, mashed, puréed or blended - you might be surprised by some of its unique uses.

Cauliflower belongs to the cruciferous family of vegetables and is a great source of fibre. When shopping for cauliflower, don't overlook the coloured varieties like yellow, orange, green or purple - each has its own health benefits.

You can mash it, roast it and blend into soups. Take it one step further by cutting it into "steaks," brushing on your favourite pesto and tossing in on the grill – it’s a vegan option that meat lovers won’t be able to resist. Grate it up and it becomes a grain-free version of risotto or pizza crust, or purée this veg to create a low-calorie alfredo sauce. The possibilities are endless!

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