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Summer’s finally here! That means you’ll want to get outside and enjoy the Victoria Day long weekend, the first of the season. We’ve got snacks and drinks to burgers and beyond in family-friendly value sizes to keep the good times rolling. Here are some of our top picks for easy weekend stock ups and entertaining.

Compliments Himalayan Pink Salt Popcorn

Pink bag of Compliments Himalayan pink salt popcorn mounded over an illustration of the Himalayan mountain range on package.

Bring a bag or two of this crisp, Himalayan pink salt seasoned popcorn as the perfect snack for dock-side refreshments, zero-proof cocktails or beer! Or mix it up with your favourite trail mix in case a hike or bike ride through the trails is in order.

Compliments Plant-Based Queso Dip

Clear glass jar of Compliments plant-based queso dip pictured was a dip on red tortilla chips on the jar.

Entertaining a crowd of omnivores and vegans this long weekend? Stock up on our new Compliments Plant-Based Queso Dip to drizzle over tacos, nachos, to dip your favourite chips and tortillas into, or to enjoy with freshly cut veggie spears. Smooth and cheese-like in flavour, this medium heat level dip is plant-based, made with dried oat beverage, with background notes of jalapeño to spice up your summer days and nights.

Cottage Pack Charcuterie Deal

Black Forest ham, baguette bread slices, and sliced Swiss cheese on a green serving platter next to a little pot of yellow mustard with a spoon in it.

You just drove to the cottage or campsite and the last thing you want to do is cook. Problem solved with a Sobeys’ Cottage Pack Charcuterie Deal that includes: Compliments sliced Deli Meat (including Compliments Black Forest Ham Extra Lean Thin Sliced, Angus Extra-Lean Roast Beef or Thin Sliced Pastrami 175 g), Compliments sliced cheese (including Compliments Swiss Cheese Slices 160 g, Havarti or Medium Cheddar 160 g) and get a Free Instore Baked French Bread 450 g. Just serve and enjoy.

Compliments Prime Rib Beef Burger

A fully dressed prime rib burger appears on a red Compliments Prime Rib Burger package.

Why bother making your own burgers when we’ve done the work for you? These Compliments Prime Rib Burgers grill up in no time, are juicy and customizable to suit your preferences. Looking for tasty toppers and combos sure to please a crowd? Look no further than our burger article that covers just about every burger craving possible.

Compliments Lemon-Lime Flavoured Sparkling Water

A 503 mL bottle of Compliments Lemon-Lime Flavoured  Sparkling Water with a yellow package band across the front of the plastic bottle with a lime illustration.

Refreshing and citrusy, this Compliments Lemon-Lime Flavoured Sparkling Water is made with natural flavours and no sweeteners or sugars. Enjoy as the perfect cocktail, shandy, spritzer mixer, or straight up, with slices of your favourite fresh summer fruit.

Panache Caramel Macchiato Ice Cream

Purple Panache Caramel Macchiato ice cream tub with a scoop of the ice cream in the right-hand corner along with a few coffee beans in shot.

Take a frosty break with this rich, coffee ice cream, made with all-Canadian milk and cream, and a swirl of caramel toffee. Drizzle your favourite cream-based liqueur over top for an adult treat, pour a shot of espresso over a scoop for a sophisticated treat, or enjoy over a freshly baked brownie square. Any way you like it, the new Panache Caramel Macchiato Ice Cream is a summertime dessert winner.

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