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Our moms always said breakfast was the most important meal of the day. Yours too? Imagine that! Show her she was right with a spectacular pancake breakfast to celebrate her day. Just mix and match a few of our easy ideas.

Mix It Up

First, whip up a batch of pancakes: start from scratch or try one of our Compliments Pancake Mixes or Compliments Gluten-Free Pancake & Waffle Mix. Then get creative with one (or more) of our scrumptious serving ideas.

Get Saucy

Straight-up maple syrup is the quintessential pancake companion, but these superstar sauces and toppings will take your flapjacks to the next level.

Hack the Pancake Stack

Re-envision old-fashioned flapjacks with these fun ideas.

  • Mini-pancake kabobs. Stack silver-dollar-size pancakes on a skewer, along with fresh slices of strawberries or peaches spread with whipped cream. Garnish with fragrant basil leaves.
  • Eggs Benny on pancakes. Top medium-size pancakes with slices of slightly sweet peameal bacon, soft-poached eggs and buttery Hollandaise sauce.
  • Giant pancake. Make one colossal Family-Style Grilled Pancake. It’s large enough to feed a crowd and cooks up on the grill in half an hour flat.

Batter Up

Boost your pancake batter with these simple stir-ins.

  • Brown butter. Heat melted butter until deep golden, then spoon into a heat-safe dish, leaving darkened solids behind. Cool and use in place of regular butter for a rich, nutty flavour.
  • Savoury add-ins. Try our recipe for Pancakes with Bacon, Cheddar Goat Cheese & Corn. The salty flavours pair perfectly with sweet maple syrup.
  • The best blueberries. Stir frozen Compliments Wild Blueberries into batter along with lemon zest and crunchy poppy seeds. The best part? The kids can be in charge of whipping these up.

Dish Out Show-Stopping Sides

Turn breakfast into a feast by serving up a few delectable side dishes.

  • Hearty meat. Before you start cooking the rest of the meal, pop a tray of fennel-seasoned fresh Italian sausage or a mildly salty whole peameal roast into the oven.
  • Fluffy scramble. Prepare a light-as-air scramble in advance. Whisk eggs with milk or water, and fresh herbs such as feathery chopped dill. To punch up the flavour, add a dollop of Compliments Dijon Mustard. Store in the fridge until you’re ready to cook, up to two hours. Whisk again before cooking, then top with chopped Saint-André cheese and fresh greens such as peppery baby arugula before serving.
  • Fuzzy peach salad. Prep our Grilled Peach & Haloumi Salad the night before and serve at room temperature.
  • Easy broiled tomatoes. Top fresh tomatoes with flecks of fragrant fresh rosemary and Compliments Mediterranean Herb Seasoning. Broil until softened.

Serve Spectacular Sippers

A signature cocktail will make Mom feel super special.


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