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Saving time and money while grocery shopping is easy when you head out with a plan. Here are our best tips and tricks to make your next trip to the store a breeze.

1. Shopping

Big savings come from planning. Here, we help you create the best shopping list, make the most of the flyer deals, and easily and efficiently navigate the grocery store aisles. Happy shopping!

  • How to Shop the Flyer
    There is a strategy to getting the most out of your weekly flyer. These suggestions will help you maximize your savings.
  • How to Build a Better Grocery List
    An organized shopping expedition starts at home. Here’s how to create the perfect grocery list for you and your family.
  • How to Shop Your Grocery Store
    Be more efficient in the grocery store with these insider tips; plus, find out how to search for unexpected bargains.

Quick shopping tips:

  • Do take a swift inventory of your cupboards, fridge and freezer before heading to the grocery store to avoid buying ingredients you already have.
  • Do make a meal plan. This valuable time saver will help you avoid going back to the store mid-week for further items.
  • Don’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach—you might be tempted to make impulse purchases. Grab a piece of fruit or fill up with one of our easy snack recipes before you go.

2. Saving Time

Spending less time in the kitchen is possible—we promise! With our easy-to-follow tips on prepping meals, your kitchen will become the most orderly spot in the house.

  • 5 Tips for Big-Batch Cooking
    On a busy night, it’s such a relief to know a homemade meal is waiting in the freezer. Here’s how to make big-batch cooking work for you.

  • Prep Once, Cook Plenty
    We show you how easy it is to work ahead by using meat value packs to their fullest potential.

Quick tip:

  • Look at your meal plan for the week to see which vegetables you can chop and store in advance, as well as which grains can be cooked, sealed, refrigerated and reheated for faster meals.

3. Bringing It Home

Taking a few minutes to organize your grocery store haul pays off later in the week. Here’s how to store your food to get the most out of every morsel.

These handy charts help you predict when your favourite homegrown items will be abundant and at their peak flavour. Use these charts to plan your menus and grocery lists.

Yes, there is a right way to freeze food! Understanding some basic guidelines will allow you make the most of your freezer space so you can get meals made faster.

Quick tips:

  • Don’t buy large quantities of foods that expire quickly, unless you have a specific and immediate use for them.
  • Do label the foods you’re freezing with the date and when to best enjoy them by—even frozen foods have a more limited lifespan than you may think!

4. Reducing Waste

Did you know? Each Canadian throws out about a pound (or half a kilogram) of food every day. Not only does this waste money, but it also wastes your time, as you’ll restock the kitchen more frequently. Making small changes, like committing to using up forgotten or ignored items from the fridge, can help your family gobble up every morsel.

These tasty ideas help you use up those leftover spoonfuls of tomato paste; plus, we explain how to properly store it so none goes to waste.

Get inspired with these great uses for leftover cabbage that will both free up fridge space and feed your family well on a budget.

  • Preserve the Harvest with a Pickle
    They’re easy, convenient and flavourful, so why not whip up some quick pickles to use up the odds and ends in your fridge? Here’s how.

Make the most of tomatoes when they go on sale by preserving them yourself. The resulting flavour alone is worth the work!

Innovation is the key to using up leafy tops and tough stems. Here are our best tricks for using up the entire veggie.


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