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Whether you’re off on a day trip or out for the long haul, picking (and packing) the right food for your family is essential. Prepping affordable, better-for-you options in advance helps you save time, avoid rest stop meals and prevents hanger from sneaking up and spoiling your day out. To make it easy, we’ve put together simple, portable food solutions for activities on the go.

Day Tripper
When playing tourist in your own city, don’t rely on grabbing food at on-site restaurants. Instead, prepare homemade snacks that can be unpacked throughout the day. Try a kid-friendly trail mix bursting with colourful marshmallows, banana chips and candy-coated chocolate. For a snack that’s easy to carry, our Chocolate & Cherry Granola Bars —made with honey, nuts, and chocolate chips—are sure to satisfy.

Looking for lunch? Many venues have family eating areas where you can set out your homemade spread. If the weather permits, find a park to dine alfresco on budget-friendly Thai-Inspired Chicken Wraps packed with veggies, chicken and peanut satay sauce. Finish with fresh oranges , bananas or crunchy apples , which are ready to eat and easily portable.

Pack it up: Seal trail mix and bars in re-sealable, single-serve bags to avoid backseat fights. To keep freshness locked in, pack wraps individually in wax paper. Make sure to use an insulated cooler box or bag with ice or ice packs to keep food chilled.

Road Warrior
Family road trips are a Canadian tradition. Whether you’re planning a two-hour ride or a cross-country trek, packing a cooler full of food options lets you keep cruising past the fast-food joints. If your drive spans a few mealtimes, find a grocery store en route where you can top up on supplies. Also, map out particular landmarks or parks where you can stop, take a break, enjoy your meal together and take in the beautiful Canadian landscape. It’s perfect for a photo op as well.

Our 10-minute Maple Berry Parfait fits perfectly into mason jars and makes for a nice breakfast on the go. Salty snack cravers can dig into the onboard pantry for crunchy Sensations by Compliments Kettle Corn or crisp, green Cajun-Spiced Kale Chips . For an easy better-for-you snack, pair pre-cut veggies with Sensations by Compliments Hummus . Serve up lunch with our homemade, prosciutto-laced Family Size Italian-Style BLT , which serves six.

Pack it up: Keep popcorn and chips off the ground with no-spill plastic cups, great for restless and messy little ones. Don’t bother with bulky freezer packs; frozen water bottles or juice boxes keep cooler-ready foods fresh and mean a lighter load at the day’s end to unpack. Proper storage is essential to maintain perishable items and make sure you keep bellies full through long drives.

Portable Picnic
A goodie-filled basket is the perfect snack companion to share at a friend’s house or a play-date at the park. Keep hunger pains at bay with our convenient Fresh Cut Fruit & Vegetable trays, packed carrots , crunchy celery and the like. Wrap up Beef Empanadas : hand-pie pockets filled with juicy beef and succulent raisins. Adults will love sharing our Bean & Corn Taco Salad , made with fresh tomatoes, beans and avocado, and garnished with crunchy corn chips. Don’t forget dessert! Our kid-approved Crunchy Granola & Seed Cookies are a tasty snack you can feel good about.

Pack it up: Have pre-cut veggies ready to serve alongside delicious dips or hummus by pre-packing them in tight-sealing, dual-compartment containers. For instant napkins on the go, wrap each empanada in a napkin or paper towel before placing in a portable container. Ensure the salad is packed into a spill-proof dish and kept cool with an ice pack or frozen water bottles during transit.


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