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This is it – the only sauce you’ll need (the only sauce you’ll want!) all year long. With a smooth balance of sweet, heat and smoke, our Sensations by Compliments No Limits Barbecue Sauce is made for barbecuing – and way beyond. It truly lives up to its name.

  • Made by Canadians for Canadians
  • The perfect blend of sweet, smoky and spice
  • Use it any time, in any dish
  • Your secret ingredient for everything from salads to grilled meats, cocktails to cupcakes!

Wonderfully versatile, it works at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert. This barbecue sauce has it all, and now you can enjoy this perfectly balanced sauce in a variety of ways.


Sensations by Compliments No Limits Barbecue Sauce The perfect blend of heat, sweet and smoky flavour – this barbecue sauce has it all. You’ll love it in a variety of dishes, all year long. The only limit is your imagination!
Sensations by Compliments No Limits Aioli Try dipping sweet potato fries in our Sensations by Compliments No Limits Aioli, or spread it onto your favourite sandwich. You can also use it as a secret ingredient in a variety of recipes!
Sensations by Compliments No Limits Barbecue Flavour Kettle Cooked Potato Chips Now you can enjoy your favourite BBQ sauce at snack time! These exceptional potato chips are made with tremendous care and patience. We start by hand-selecting our potatoes. They are sliced thickly for maximum crunch, and then slow cooked in pure sunflower oil. Once they’re golden and crisp, we enhance these old-fashioned kettle cooked potato chips with our exclusive No Limits barbecue seasoning to create the ultimate connoisseur snack. Perfectly delicious!


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