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One of the joys of the holiday season is cooking delicious homemade meals for friends and family. It’s a wonderful time to take advantage of overflowing displays of festive produce and grocery sales to get the best ingredients for your feast. Our menu puts the focus on big-batch cooking and fresh ingredients, so you can show off your culinary skills while indulging in the holiday spirit. Bonus: We have tips to get the kids involved with the cooking!


Artichoke Stuffed Beef Roast with Stewed Lentils

A simple inside round roast steals the show in this recipe. First stuffed with marinated artichokes, baby spinach and a dash of Parmesan, then seared and roasted, each slice of beef has multiple layers of flavour. Garlicky lentils make a rustic, easy sidekick.

Kid-Friendly Prep Tip: Allow little hands to mix the spinach, artichoke and cheese filling, while older kids can help you stuff, shape and tie the roast together.

Honey-Roasted Root Vegetables

Celebrate the best of the season’s root veggies. A honey and thyme mixture enhances the natural sweetness of carrots, sweet potatoes, squash and beets as they roast until tender and caramelized.

Kid-Friendly Prep Tip: If they can handle a vegetable peeler, get kids to remove the skin from the veggies. Tossing the chunks with the marinade is another hands-on task they can be proud of.

Chopped Broccolini & Spinach Salad

Broccolini, spinach, sprouts and carrots get dressed up for the occasion with creamy goat cheese crumbles and festive dried cranberries. Tossed with homemade lemon dressing, this salad will disappear quickly.

Kid-Friendly Prep Tip: Put the dressing ingredients into a jar and get kids to shake it around (preferably to their favourite holiday tune). With your help, they can toss the salad, too.

Tiramisu Fudge

Chocoholics will love this twist on the classic Italian dessert. Bite-sized pieces of fudge feature two distinct layers: chocolate-espresso and white chocolate-cinnamon. The recipe makes 30 pieces—plenty for everyone!

Kid-Friendly Prep Tip: Under supervision, kids can help melt the chocolate for both layers and pour it into the pan. Let them sift the cocoa over the top as well.

Carrot Date Loaf

it's starts off with common pantry staples, but sweet carrots and caramel-flavoured dates double up this loaf’s yum factor. Cinnamon and vanilla add their sweet aromas, making each bite a heavenly experience. Guests will be begging for a second slice.

Kid-Friendly Prep Tip: Get kids to grate the carrots as you measure out the other ingredients (but be prepared to finish the job; some kids may get tired of grating before it's done!). Then they can mix the wet and dry ingredients together under your supervision.

Orange-Spice Mulled Apple Cider

Welcome guests in from the cold with a mug of this citrusy hot drink. Spiced with cinnamon, cloves and star anise, it will fill your home with a festive scent.

Kid-Friendly Prep Tip: Kids can practice their numbers and counting skills by helping you measure out the ingredients.


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