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Each cut of meat has its own unique flavour and texture. Our guides to beef, pork and chicken will sharpen your knowledge and help you choose the best cut for your next dish:

The Ultimate Guide to Beef

    • Beef is a source of iron, and many find it to be one of the richest-tasting proteins. It’s a key ingredient in everything from stews to bolognese sauce to juicy burgers. You’ll know you’re buying fresh when the meat is dark red and firm to the touch.

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The Ultimate Guide to Pork

    • Juicy and flavourful, pork is as delicious in stir-fries and stews as it is roasted or grilled. Despite its pinkish-white appearance when cooked, pork is technically considered a red meat.

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The Ultimate Guide to Chicken

    • Chicken is delicious in all kinds of dishes and cuisines, from Mexican fajitas to Indian curries to Thai soups. When cooked right, it’s beautifully juicy and tender, with a mild and appealing flavour that interacts well with an incredible array of spices and herbs.

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