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For all the ways you celebrate over the holidays, we’ve got a holiday menu worth gathering friends and family for. We’ve assembled some of our favourites which include a traditional roast Christmas dinner menu complete with all the fixings, a vegetarian menu that omnivores will devour, and a seafood feast to ring in the new year. All you have to do is pick your favourite, invite your loved ones, and get set to make memories.

Classic Roast Turkey Dinner With all the Fixings

It doesn’t get more traditional than roast turkey, but there’s a reason it’s a time-honoured favourite. Use our Roast Calculator to determine how much turkey you’ll need along with our Ultimate Roast Turkey recipe. And don’t forget to make the gravy! Follow our classic gravy recipe or level up with our Herbed Turkey Gravy; both require just a few easy-to-follow steps. To round out the menu, choose flavourful sides like Cheddar & Garlic Mashed Potatoes or Dried Plum & Citrus Stuffing. Start this holiday meal with a velvety squash soup. Make your own or opt for our delicious Panache Autumn Harvest Butternut Squash Soup. Add extra flavour and texture with inspired garnishes: Think croutons, fresh herbs or spiced seeds – and don’t forget the classic cranberry sauce. To close the meal: pie. Try a Compliments Pecan, Mincemeat or Classic Northern Spy Apple. Or take one of each if you’re hosting a crowd and go à la mode with some Panache Mistletoe Wish Ice Cream. Bon appétit!

Pair with: With roast turkey, try a dry Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Gamay or Pinot Noir. For a zero-alcohol option, enjoy chilled sparkling apple cider.

Packed Butterball young turkey with blue label stating the same.

Turkey Roast (Butterball)

Tub of Panache Autumn Harvest Butternut Squash Soup with a purple label featuring a butternut squash and a bowl of hot soup.

Panache Autumn Harvest Butternut Squash Soup

Teal bag of cranberries with cranberries scattered on it, or cranberries in a bag with a blue label with illustration of a barn

Compliments Frozen Cranberries

Brown square box of pie with window showing whole pie with four scores and word Mincemeat or brown square box of pie with window showing whole pecan pie and word pecan, or brown square box of pie with window showing whole pie topped with sugar crystals and words Northern Spy Apple.

Compliments Mincemeat Pie

Light blue tub with a spoonful of the red and green flecked ice cream.


Italian-Inspired Vegetarian Holiday Menu

An easy vegetarian dinner menu suits many holiday occasions and this one delivers with a touch of amore. The bonus: pasta dinners can quickly be made elegant and special. Rana Ricotta and Spinach Filled Ravioli dressed with olive oil, herbs and Parmigiano Reggiano is simple yet delicious. Or dress it up with a light toss of tomato sauce. If you’ve got the time, risotto is a beloved option for many vegetarians. With its rich umami flavour and creaminess, our Forest Mushroom and Spinach Risotto recipe makes for a satisfying main, just substitute with vegetable broth. Serve with mixed greens or an arugula salad on the side with a grating fresh Parmigiano. For dessert: Keep it Italian-style with a Panache Tiramisu and after-dinner biscotti with espresso or coffee.

Pair with: Try a crisp Sauvignon Blanc with herby pasta or a Chardonnay with creamy risotto. Medium-bodied red wines pair well with pasta in light tomato sauces: Try a Chianti, Primitivo or Rhone blend.

Craft paper looking bag of ravioli with green label and peekaboo window showing the fresh, round ravioli.

Rana Ricotta and Spinach Ravioli

Purple bag of Compliments romaine lettuce with illustration of a barn and photo of composed Caesar and/or bottle of white Caesar dressing with black bottle top and Comps Plant Based logo

Compliments Caesar Salad Kit

purple wedge of cheese with label

Panache Parmigiano Reggiano 24 Month Cheese

Clear bowl of Panache tiramisu with purple label depicting a tiramisu in a dessert cup.

Panache Tiramisu

Tin of Compliments 100% Colombian Coffee with a dark blue label featuring and illustration of a woman sitting in a chair with a cup of coffee.

Compliments 100% Colombian Coffee

Glass jar of Compliments Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce with a green label featuring fresh tomatoes, garlic and basil leaves

Compliments Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce

Holiday Seafood Feast

Start your seafood feast with fresh oysters, if you need a little help in the shucking department check out this handy 101 video. Go for a timeless mignonette vinaigrette or go retro with Classic Oysters Rockefeller. Then comes the pièce-de-résistance: steamed lobsters served with a Caper Gremolata Sauce, baked potatoes (or Classic Scalloped Potatoes), and sautéed green beans with a pat of tarragon butter. Don’t forget an oh-so-satisfying Compliments Garlic Bread. You probably won’t be able to tackle dessert for a couple of hours but when you do, go with holiday cookies like our Panache Belgian Biscuit Collection or our Panache Raspberry-Flavoured White Chocolate Shortbread cookies alongside coffee and tea, which can also be pulled out as a midnight dessert course if you’re serving this seafood menu for New Year’s Eve!

Pair with: A crisp, dry sparkling wine is always a great match for oyster and lobster. Its bubbles are synonymous with any festive occasion.

An array of fresh, east coast oysters on a wooden cutting board.


Two, cooked lobsters on a metal serving tray with fresh lemon wedges

Fresh Lobster

Purple rectangular bag of garlic bread with a photo of a loaf of garlic bread sliced in half

Compliments Garlic Bread

Golden tin of Panache Belgian biscuits with light blue label depicting some of the biscuits.

Compliments Lemon Merengue Pie

Light blue box of Panache Raspberry-Flavoured White Chocolate Shortbread Cookies with an image of a few cookies on the front of the box.

Panache Raspberry-Flavoured White Chocolate Shortbread cookies

Yellow paper bag of Compliments Red Potatoes for roasting with illustration of a farm in background.

Compliments Red Potatoes:

Holiday Brunch Menu

A leisurely brunch is a much-loved holiday tradition. A brunch favourite, Eggs Benedict, is always a must-have. Add fluffy pancakes or waffles to broaden the menu, and you’ve got a mid-day feast. Instead of peameal, swap it out with perfectly smoked ham or bacon (try the Panache Spiral Sliced Ham and Compliments Naturally Smoked Peppered Bacon). This ham and bacon teams deliciously with mini quiches too. Compliments Tater Treats make for a quick and easy homemade hash alternative on a busy morning-after, with a fresh salad on the side. Bright watercress with a simple dressing or a salad loaded with fruit and crunch like our Pomegranate, Fennel & Orange Salad hits the right note.

Pair with: Bellinis and Mimosas to help make brunch even more special. Start with peach purée or orange juice and top with sparkling wine, or use soda water for festive zero-alcohol Bellinis and Mimosas.

Packaged Panache Hickory Smoked Honey Spiral Ham with netting and a puple label depicting a cooked ham.

Panache Hickory Smoked Honey Spiral Ham

Red Compliments Mini Quiche Assortment box with photo of nine mini quiches atop a black plate atop a red towel.

Compliments Mini Quiche Assortment

Blue rectangular box of Compliments Original Complete Pancake & Waffle Mix with strawberry topped pancakes on a gray plate.

Compliments Original Complete Pancake & Waffle Mix

Clear package of sausage links with purple label showing syrup pourer and sugar bowl or package of bacon with purple label and photo of a green apple and woodchips or package of bacon with purple label and photo of peppercorns in a green bowl

Smoky Maple Breakfast Sausage

Purple bag with tater tots on white plate beside a hot dog and bowl of ketchup.

Compliments Tater Treats Potato Nuggets

Clear bottle of brown dressing with purple label with photo of white bowl with brown sauce and two basil leaves.

Panache Basil Balsamic Dressing

Stress-Free Menu for a Holiday Buffet

Buffet is the way to go when you want to host over the holidays but keep it casual. Offer a variety of dishes by choosing three easy mains with a meat, fish and a vegetarian option. A winning trio is a boneless leg of lamb, roast salmon and an irresistible mac n’ cheese. Add a big leafy salad and a couple of fresh sides like our Parsley and Lemon Tabbouleh, plus fluffy dinner rolls and baguette, and you’re set. A decked-out cheese tray is always a crowd-pleaser, and dessert is a must for a buffet table. Fill pretty, tiered dishes with all-time favourites such as Butter Tarts, Panache Profiteroles and a range of butter cookies. And don’t forget the Gingerbread House. Make it up before-hand and it can also serve as centerpiece for your holiday spread.

Pair with: A holiday buffet menu calls for versatile wines. Sauvignon Blanc, dry rosé and Rhone-style reds are winning matches for popular buffet menus.

Cooked, sliced boneless leg of lamb on a platter garnished with vegetables and herbs.

Boneless leg of lamb

Stuffed salmon roasts on blue and green platters.

Salmon Roast

Round white package of cheese with a red label with photo of two halves of a baguette topped with brie and berries

Compliments Double Cream Brie Cheese

Blue box with a photo of a gingerbread house decorated with candy and icing with two decorated ginger-people in the front

Compliments Gingerbread House Kit

White container with purple Panache Milk Chocolate Enrobed Profiteroles label showing a few profiteroles filled with pastry cream.

Panache Milk Chocolate Enrobed Profiteroles

Six Panache maple butter tarts in a plastic container with purple label showing a few tarts.

Panache Maple Butter Tarts

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