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Tea parties are fun and elegant — just like Mom! This Mother’s Day, get your little chefs into the kitchen and show your appreciation with a tea party in her honour. With an easily prepped menu and playful decor, our bash brings the family together to recognize Mom’s love and devotion. The only time she will have to lift a finger is to sip her tea!

Start by dressing up the table with a fun tablecloth and napkins in Mom’s favourite colours. Let the kids choose a couple of recent photos with Mom, which you can have framed and placed around the dining area. These add a personal touch and will be a thoughtful gift Mom can take away and add to her bedside table or desk.

When teatime arrives, serve Mom’s top blend in her special cup or mug alongside a full teapot. Complete the tray with her usual add-ins of milk, sugar, lemon or honey. If you have an extra teapot or creamer jug, use it as a vase for a bunch of Mom’s favourite flowers. Older kids can present the tea to Mom, while younger ones can help her mix it to her liking.

A nod to traditional afternoon tea, give Mom a choice of Classic Finger Sandwiches in three dainty, crustless variations: smoked salmon, cucumber and ham. Kids can pitch in building the sandwiches assembly-line style by laying out the bread, spreading the cream cheese and layering toppings.

Keep your spread colourful and eliminate prep time with our fresh cut vegetables paired with a variety of flavour-packed Compliments Naturally Simple Dips that are ready to savour. Or serve our easy-peasy Sensations by Compliments Salad Kits that little ones can help toss together for a quick side. Fresh cut fruit can be transformed into a fruit salad, or kids can show off their creativity by threading the pre-cut pieces onto wooden skewers for fruit kabobs. Serve them fondue-style with melted chocolate to dip and enjoy.

Inspired by classic British high tea menus, bake delicate Lemon-Currant Scones topped with Sensations by Compliments Jam . Kids can help cut out the scones (with supervision) and add the finishing touches by brushing them with cream and sprinkling sugar over top before baking. Complete the sweet spread with a selection of individual specialty pastries — think eclairs, cannoli, fruit-topped tarts and mini cheesecakes — from Sobeys.

Without hesitation, Mom is always there every time you need her. What better way to say thanks than with a personalized treat? A plate of homemade Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries is the perfect centrepiece. Kids can decorate each berry just for Mom with bright sprinkles, shredded coconut or her favourite candy.

There’s no better way to end the party than with a toast to Mom. Fill up flutes with refreshing Sensations by Compliments Iced Tea garnished with a twist of lemon or Grapefruit-Raspberry Mimosa Mocktail  made bubbly with Compliments Sparkling Waters , and raise your glass. Wish Mom a Happy Mother’s Day and say cheers to your successful get-together.


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