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We love our Canada Day rituals: free time, family, fireworks and — the most important part of any successful gathering — food. But that’s not to say we all celebrate the same way. From B.C. to Newfoundland, Canadians’ top online recipe searches reveal just how varied and tasty the first of July can be. But could they tell anything more about us? We took an informal (and extra delicious) poll, got creative and made some interesting discoveries. Now look deep into the search engine…


Top recipe searches: BBQ chicken, salad, coleslaw, strawberry shortcake, sangria, strawberry rhubarb pie

What they say about Canadians: Nothing brings us Canucks together quite like a chicken dinner on the ’cue. No matter how different or far apart we are in this nation, we’re all happily on board with a classic barbecue feast of juicy meat grilled to perfection, crisp salads on the side and pie for dessert. We love the simple stuff with the freshest flavours, but that doesn’t mean we’re boring: We do love a glass (or two!) of chilled sangria brimming with local fruits. Cheers to that!

Get inspired: Fresh Cherry & Strawberry Sparkling Sangria

British Columbia

Top recipe searches: Sushi, pasta salad, slaw, sangria, banana bread

What they say about British Columbians: You’re an eclectic bunch and so are your meals. With the ocean and mountains in your backyard, you let nature inspire your food choices around Canada Day. You’ve got high standards — and the highest expectations of variety, too — but you also have a soft spot for laid-back, carb-filled comfort foods. Luckily, you’ll be up for a calorie-burning post-party hike.

Get inspired: Cherry, Apple & Broccoli Slaw with Pine Nuts


Top recipe searches: Steak, pork, chicken breasts, sangria, pancakes

What they say about Albertans: You know what you like, and you stick with the classics. Of course you dig meat in all forms, and you celebrate Canada Day the best way you know how: with a barbecue! You’re fearless, tough and wildly independent – but you’re also softies deep down. Case in point: Even the toughest cowpoke in town can’t resist a batch of tender, fruit-topped pancakes.

Get inspired: Coconut Pancakes & Strawberry Compote


Top recipe searches: Pizza, potato salad, chicken, cake, sangria

What they say about Saskatchewanians: You love to indulge in familiar favourites, and you know the simple pleasure of returning to what’s tried and true. But that doesn’t mean you’re not up for a little spice and a splash of flavour to make your celebrations that much more exciting. You know that reinventing the classics is a great way to keep things fresh yet relaxed so you can focus on the fun.

Get inspired: Potato salad three ways: Fully Loaded Potato Salad, Roasted Garlic Dijon Potato Salad and Zesty Grilled Potato Salad


Top recipe searches: Pizza, chicken, ice cream, beer

What they say about Manitobans: Hailing from the heart of the country, you central Canadians are just about as down to earth as people can get. You and your menu of pizza and ice cream are free from even a dash of pretention while being friendly and welcoming to guests from near and far. You’re crowd-pleasing, inclusive and joyful additions to any party.

Get inspired: Grilled Tomato Pizza with Summer Greens Pesto


Top recipe searches: Meat loaf, salad, garlic scapes, salmon, cake, beer

What they say about Ontarians: Whether you’re go-go-go professionals or have just spent too much time sitting in traffic en route to the cottage, you’re hard-working achievers by day — and dreamers of the simple life by night. Of all things, your moms’ meat loaf landed atop your list of must-have Canada Day meals, proving you’re really family-oriented mush balls at heart.

Get inspired: Planked Meatloaf & Steamed Kale Salad


Top recipe searches: BBQ, ribs, crêpes, strawberries

What they say about Quebecers: You’re known worldwide for effortlessly blending the old with the new, and that includes food, bien sûr! You still love mastering family-pleasing classics on the grill — it’s just that you add your own elegant twist: Even good old barbecued ribs (côtes levées au barbecue) sound better en français. Plus, you never miss an opportunity to serve a luscious dessert. Quebecers know how to insist on the finer things in life, and you bring class and grace to any table.

Get inspired: Bourbon Root Beer Ribs, Grilled Leeks & Carrot Slaw

New Brunswick

Top recipe searches: Lobster, oysters, potatoes, raspberries

What they say about New Brunswickers: Loyal to the land around you, it’s no surprise the guest of honour on your Canada Day menu is the ocean’s tastiest crustacean: the butter-soaked steamed lobster. You’re the only fully (constitutionally) bilingual guests at the party, so you’re skilled at melding traditions – and cuisines. You even bring that preference for fusion to the table, where you combine the very best of land and sea in one delicious meal.

Get inspired: Chive-Lime Lobster Rolls

Prince Edward Island

Top recipe searches: Ribs, lobster, fish cakes, chowder, asparagus, strawberries

What they say about Islanders: Whether you’re grilling up a rack of ribs or serving a batch of homemade seafood chowder, you’re spoiled for choice — and you know it. Your love of fresh, local fare is second to none. You’ll enjoy your Canada Day feast Island style: as a picnic at the beach, on a blanket shared with friends, loved ones and Anne with an “e.” Just kidding!

Get inspired: Trout, Corn & Leek Chowder

Nova Scotia

Top recipe searches: Lobster, chicken wings, pasta salad, chowder

What they say about Nova Scotians: You’re always up for some rowdy fun, you throw the best parties with the catchiest tunes, and you do it all while serving up heaping portions of spicy wings and seaside snacks. But you’re also great at living a balanced life, with family and friends at the centre of everything you do. You’re proud of your traditions – and Maritime cuisine – and jump at the chance to share them with everyone you love.

Get inspired: Grilled Sriracha Chicken Wings

Newfoundland & Labrador

Top recipe searches: BBQ chicken, maple syrup, pizza, potatoes

What they say about Newfoundlanders and Labradorians: You love the simple things, but you’re also on the hunt for new ways to use your favourite flavours. By focusing on quick, satisfying meals, you make sure you have plenty of time to get together with the people you love — on the field, in the park, or at the shore or a concert. Relatable and easygoing, you’re looking forward to celebrating July 1 with a hearty, crowd-pleasing menu. You’re a first-class host, after all (even when you’re encouraging guests to kiss the cod). So dig in, please and thank you!

Get inspired: Maple-Glazed Fried Chicken & Waffles

Northwest Territories

Top recipe searches: Mushrooms, salmon, hamburgers, pizza dough, cupcakes

What they say about Northwest Territorians: Unlike all of Canada’s other provinces and territories, only you resourceful Northwest Territorians skip the greasy takeout and search for a recipe for pizza dough. And while that may be impressive to the rest of us, it’s all in a hard day’s work for you. You’re adventurous, enterprising and original, but you know how to slow down and enjoy the moment when you see something sweet (like cupcakes!).

Get inspired: Beer Dough Pizzas


Top recipe searches: Soup, carrot cake, banana bread, chicken, chili

What they say about Yukoners: Though temperatures in your province are actually pretty mild, at least by shivery northern Canadian standards, you Yukoners still reach for hot soup and spicy chili to stay toasty in July. You need something to warm you up after all that camping, canoeing, hunting and nature hiking you love to do! You’re contented, approachable and gracious guests at anyone’s party. And, as such, you never show up empty-handed. Bundle up freshly baked carrot cake to secure your “best guest” status.

Get inspired: Carrot Cake with Maple Cream Cheese Icing


Top recipe searches: Chicken casserole, meat loaf, cookies, cornbread, brownies

What they say about Nunavummiut: You’re suckers for hearty family meals. Heartfelt, earnest and sincere, you couldn’t care less about what’s on trend this year. You’re independent, strong-willed and self-reliant, and you’re eager to share the fruits — or brownies — of your labour with friends and relatives.

Get inspired: Savoury Chicken & Cornbread Cobbler


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