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Chicken is the go-to protein of choice for many Canadians; it’s versatile, easy to prepare and can be enjoyed in a variety of dishes. With that in mind, we’ve got tempting flavour twists to up your chicken breast and thigh game.

From marinades that tenderize chicken naturally to rubs to glazes, these flavour combos are sure to keep them coming back for more!

Chicken breast recipes

We’ve got suppertime solutions in spades, from stuffed chicken breasts to glazes to sauces! If you’re buying boneless, skinless chicken breasts, make sure they don’t dry out by adding plenty of moisture when you bake, grill, or broil them. This cut also makes a great addition to any soup, stew, stir-fry, or curry.

Cheese-stuffed chicken breasts with maple glaze recipe

Cutting a pocket in each chicken breast piece creates the perfect place for an Oka cheese, onion and thyme filling that will get gloriously gooey when baked in the oven. But the best part about this recipe is the glaze made with chicken pan drippings, broth, onions, thyme, and maple syrup. Warming, comforting, and oh-so good!

Mediterranean Chicken Spaghetti recipe

Take the ho-hum out of a pasta dinner by giving this Mediterranean Chicken Spaghetti recipe a whirl. A time-saver that’s ready in 30 minutes, this dish features an aromatic tomato-based sauce with garlic, fresh oregano, pesto, and olives. Broccoli florets cook with the pasta, so you get a well-rounded plate with all the amore of Italy. Buon appetito!

Cheater Schnitzel with Cucumber Salad recipe

Quick and easy, this dinner’s done in 25 minutes and features a side cucumber salad to a crispy, perfectly golden schnitzel. This recipe calls for pork, but it will work beautifully if you substitute with skinless, boneless chicken breasts that are flattened with a meat tenderizer or mallet. The flavour boost comes from spreading the chicken with Dijon mustard before coating in panko breadcrumbs and shallow frying. This one will become a new family favourite!

Chicken thigh recipes

Chicken thighs are increasingly popular due to their juicy dark meat. This cut is ideal for grilling, baking, or pan-searing. If you’re marinating them, let the marinade work its magic overnight in the fridge so the flavours thoroughly infuse the meat by the time you’re ready to cook. Here are some of our favourite ways to prepare this tasty cut.

Chili & Lime Grilled Chicken recipe

If you prep this citrusy, zesty chili and lime chicken recipe the night before, you’ll give those flavours a real chance to shine. This recipe calls for outdoor grilling, but it’s just as easily done indoors on a grill pan. Just make sure to have your extractor fan going to whisk away any grilling smoke. Best part is this dish is cooked in 20 minutes!

Paprika Grilled Chicken Thighs & Corn recipe

Start by pounding the thighs with a mallet, rub on the easy-to-make spice rub and prepare the corn and any other side dishes you’ll enjoy with your main. Then it’s just about grilling (indoors or out) and dinner’s done in a mere 20 minutes!

Dijon Chicken with Green Beans recipe

You’ve seen Dijon mustard used to coat chicken in our schnitzel, but here, the zesty condiment is the star of the show along with fresh lemon juice, tarragon, and honey. This combination is a mouthwatering flavour bomb when paired with chicken thighs and oven-baked. You can use skinless, boneless thighs as easily as you can bone-in and skin-on—it’s up to you. Serve with green beans and rice and—voilà!—you’ll be glad you did.


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