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Looking for affordable summer BBQ’ing ideas on a budget that are value-based to help you feed a crowd? We’ve got fan favourite spend and save options lined up to help get your summer party started right!

Deep dive into seafood rolls

Orange rectangular platter topped with Chive-Lime Shrimp rolls.

Save: Chive-Lime Shrimp Rolls

Head to the Maritimes and sink your teeth into a Chive-Lime Shrimp Roll , featuring a golden brioche bun filled with cooked Canadian cold-water shrimp dressed up with chives, mayo, and lime juice. One bite and you’ll wonder why you didn’t try these sooner!

Various lobster rolls filled with lobster, mayo, chives, and celery on a blue platter.

Spend: Chive-Lime Lobster Rolls

Bring home a catch with an amazing homemade lobster roll that you can dress up with garlic butter and all the fixings. The world’s your oyster.

Carnivore’s delight

A row of variously dressed sausages and hot dogs, topped with roasted corn salad, various condiments, and fresh and pickled veggies, on a blue background with plates and bowls of fresh topping choices, including a mango salad.

Save: Grilled fresh sausages and hot dogs

There’s a world of flavour in our Meat Dept. with fresh sausages galore, including mild and spicy Italian, turkey, chicken and herbed. When they’re hot off the grill and topped with anything from homemade chutneys to pickles to relishes, you’ve got a wallet- and family-friendly BBQ option that everyone will dig into.

Sliced steak on an octagonal turquoise plate with a side of fresh tomato salad and a yellow plate with a Nagano pork chop and slaw on a white marble counter.

Spend: Family-style grilled meats

Go big on flavour and stretch your grilled steak or Nagano pork cuts by slicing and serving with an array of awesome options family style on a generous platter. These can include any of the quick and easy sauces, fresh salads, or dishes in our Fresh Five options, or any one of these flavourful grilled veggie sides. With this option, the veg, grains, and sauces get equal billing to the meat.

Grilled chicken two ways

Orange round plate topped with a BBQ pulled Portuguese-style chicken sandwich.

Save: BBQ Pulled Portuguese-Style Chicken Sandwich

Need to feed a crowd with something delicious that won’t break the bank? This BBQ Pulled Portuguese-Style Chicken Sandwich is just the thing. Take a tasty shortcut by using one of our Panache Flattened Portuguese-Style Chickens: Grill it, shred the meat, add in some tasty pre-made condiments, plus some homemade quick pickled onions, and pile onto pillowy brioche buns for a filling, fast dinner.

Paprika grilled chicken thighs and corn on a black and white speckled serving tray next to glasses of sparkling water.

Spend: Grilled chicken pieces

Grab a family-size package of chicken thighs and make these juicy, flavourful Paprika Grilled Chicken Thighs & Corn for your next summer gathering. The best part? They’re ready in 20 minutes, and this recipe serves six!

Homemade burgers: Pick your protein

Homemade sausage burger on blue plate dressed with lettuce and a tomato salsa.

Save: Sausage burgers

Repurpose fresh sausage by turning mild (or spicy, if you prefer) Italian sausage into quick and easy burgers. The meat is pre-seasoned for you, so all you have to do is take the meat out of the casings, form into patties, grill, top, and devour. In 20 minutes, you’ve got delicious burgers for your family.

Mayo-and-sesame-topped salmon burgers on buns served on a white plate.

Spend: Salmon fillet burgers

Go gourmet with these Japanese-style salmon fillet burgers dressed up with pickled ginger, wasabi, and sesame seeds. A fresh take on the usual burger fare that’s sure to please.

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