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Fresh fruit and vegetables are irresistible, and the benefits of colourful produce will last far longer than those raspberry stains on your fingers.

The colour: Red

The goods: Red produce gets its colour from lycopene, a natural pigment and antioxidant that has been shown to help prevent disease and help keep your heart healthy.

The foods: Tomatoes, watermelon and raspberries


Salad with Balsamic Glaze

Raspberry Phyllo Squares

The colours: Yellow and Orange

The goods: Beta-carotene is a type of carotenoid that shows up as orange or yellow in fruits and veg. Your body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A, which keeps eyes sharp. Carotenoids are good for your heart and have been shown to naturally reduce high-cholesterol levels.

The foods: Carrots, yellow peppers, corn and peaches


Ginger-Orange Curried Carrot Soup

Mediterranean Roasted Sweet Pepper Relish

Grilled Peaches & Planked Salmon

Sweet Corn Dip

The colour: Green

The goods: Chlorophyll is a naturally occurring green pigment. Green vegetables like broccoli are a great source of folate, a B vitamin that makes red blood cells, and lutein, a type of carotenoid found in leafy greens that keeps eyes healthy.

The foods: Broccoli, zucchini, kale and spinach


Creamy Zucchini “Pasta” with Tomato & Basil

Lemon-Parmesan Broccoli

Cajun-Spiced Kale Chips

The colours: Blue and Purple

The goods: Jewel-toned produce get its rich colour from an antioxidant called anthocyanin, which helps prevent disease and keeps your brain healthy by reducing free radical damage.

The foods: Plums and blueberries


Acai-Plum Compote

Blueberry & Almond Tart


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