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Crisp wedges of watermelon are a refreshing treat at picnics and barbecues, but there’s so much more you can do with this bright summer fruit.

First, you need to pick the perfect watermelon. Here are three simple tips:

    • Lift: Watermelons should feel heavy for their size.
    • Look: This fruit turns yellow where it rests on the ground. If you see a yellow splotch, the watermelon is ripe.


    • Listen: Give the fruit a knock, with a bit of force. If you hear a deep, hollow sound, you’ve picked a winner. Unripe or overripe watermelons will make a dull sound.


Now it’s time to take it home and cut it up! Start by slicing the watermelon in half with a sharp knife (a serrated bread knife works well). With the cut side down, cut the half into two quarters. Then slice each quarter into triangles. Watch our video to see how it’s done.

Divvy up the watermelon pieces and enjoy as a snack, or work it into one of these tasty ideas.

    1. Juice it. An easy-breezy summer-time drink calls for our Grapefruit & Watermelon Mocktail Cooler. In just two easy steps, you’ll be sipping this colourful refresher in the sun. For another quick blender drink, combine watermelon chunks with ice cubes, fresh mint leaves and lime juice until puréed. Sip away!


    1. Skewer it. A fruity kabob? Yes, please. Watermelon is made for our Glazed Fruit Skewers with Strawberry Yogourt Dip. Mix and match fruits (pineapple and peaches are our favourites) with juicy watermelon pieces to personalize your skewers.


    1. Freeze it. A twist on a summer favourite, have our Watermelon-Mint Pops – made with Greek yogourt – on hand for those balmy afternoon cravings.


    1. Toss it. It’s not the first fruit you’d think to add to a salad, but watermelon is a natural pairing with bright mint and salty feta, briny olives, or tangy orange. Watermelon gets bonus points for being equally colourful as they are delicious.


    1. Pickle it. Yes, you heard right. None of the fruit has to go to waste. Stripped of the green skin and pink flesh, the white rind is cooked first and then steeped in a mixture of vinegar, sugar and water with spices. When ready, add pickled rind to cheese plates and salads, or use it as an inspired burger topper.


    1. Cake it. Skip the oven in the summer heat and opt for this super simple dessert. Slice off at least an inch and a half from the top and bottom of the watermelon so it rests flat, making it easy to slice away the green skin and white rind. Once the rind is removed (it should resemble a cake shape now), cover the watermelon with the frosting of your choice (thick homemade whipped cream works great!). Decorate with fruit, nuts or chocolate and serve.


    1. Grill it. Remove rind and grill thick wedges for about for two to three minutes on each side on medium heat. Garnish with feta and mint, and drizzle with lime.


    1. Transform it. Turn your watermelon shell into a serving bowl. First, cut off a small bit of the watermelon, so it rests flat before you start hollowing it out. Now, slice off a quarter inch from the top of the watermelon. Using a sharp melon baller or ice cream scoop, scrape out all the flesh. Voilà — you just made a bowl for a fruit salad or delicious punch.


  1. Ball it. Using a melon baller, scoop out chunks of watermelon and freeze. Use in place of ice in water or add to your next pitcher of sangria.


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