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Seafood Special

An all-seafood menu adds a refreshing twist to a traditional burger and hot dog feast.

Lemon Horseradish & Basil Caesar: Christen your voyage to good times with our invigorating herbal Caesar.

Grilled Scallops with Mango-Curry Glaze: Quick-cooking scallops leave you time to socialize with the crowd (that’s sure to gather for the enticing mango-curry aromas).

Barbecued Spanish-Style Rice with Sausage & Seafood: This simple recipe captures paella’s classic flavours and is cooked right on the barbecue.

Asian-Style Grilled Salmon Salad: Prep this simple soy- and ginger-infused salad before your guests arrive and dress it before serving.

Grilled Fruit & Pound Cake: It only takes one heavenly slice to turn fruitcake skeptics into fans.

Veggie Delight

Please your guests with a creative vegetable-laden menu. Your vegetarian friends will love the variety of tasty choices.

Prairie Sunset: Carbonated water adds sparkle to citrus juices in this pitcher-perfect drink recipe.

Cedar Planked Nachos: A favourite for sharing, nachos get the grill treatment and pretty plating on a cedar plank.

Mediterranean-Style Grilled Portobello Mushroom Caps: Even meat-lovers will ask for more of these cheesy veggie burgers.

Caesar Egg Salad with Oka & Grilled Greens: Our innovative Caesar looks complicated, but the tantalizing blend of grilled asparagus, radicchio and hardboiled eggs is simple.

Strawberry & Angel Food Ice Cream Cake: Sweet strawberries are nestled in a celestial cloud of ice cream and cake.

The Meat Lover's Menu

Our mix of new and traditional barbecue favourites will have everyone asking for seconds.

Grapefruit & Watermelon Mocktail Cooler: Our party pleasing sweet-and-sour mocktail can be turned into a cocktail by adding tequila.

Pork & Pineapple Skewers: Hawaiian-inspired flavours complement good times with good friends in the great outdoors.

Maple BBQ Pork Ribs: Baste these beauties with maple syrup-spiked barbecue sauce as they grill for sticky ribs that’ll have you licking your fingers.

Grilled Caesar Salad: Our deconstructed Caesar salad offers a healthy dose of vegetables for your meat-based menu — topped with bacon, naturally.

Crunchy Chocolate & Berry Yogourt Cups: Crunchy, creamy, and all kinds of tasty — these have a delightful contrast of textures to finish the feast.

Around-the-World Feast

Start at home, then take your guests on a flavour journey to Italy, France, England, Mexico and Greece.

Peach & Whisky Cocktail: Start your trip at home with a peachy cocktail featuring Canadian rye whisky.

Rustic Bruschetta: Italy’s famous appetizer is more delizioso fresh off the grill.

Classic Marinated & Grilled Steak: This perfect steak has a fusion of French mustard and English Worcestershire sauce.

Layered Corn, Black Bean & Rice Salad: You can’t go wrong with Tex-Mex flavours in summertime, and this make-ahead salad is pretty too.

Greek Frozen Yogourt Cake: Made with just five ingredients, this Greek-inspired dessert is simpler than it looks. Prepare it at least eight hours before serving.

Happy Hosting Tips

A little advance preparation means you have more time to enjoy your party and savour a stress-free dinner with your guests.

Pre-Party Prep:

  • Choose recipes that can be made or partly prepped in advance so that you have fewer things to do right before the party. For example: meats can be marinated in advance, salads and dressing can be prepped and dressed just before serving and chilled desserts a day ahead.
  • Aim to put all finishing touches on the decor and food an hour before guests arrive so you can relax and refresh yourself. This includes table settings, creating a music playlist, prepping drink and dish garnishes and plating cold appetizers.
  • Delegate fun jobs — like serving cocktails and playing DJ — to friends.


Party-Time Tips:

  • Ensure easy access to ice, non-alcoholic drinks, napkins and tableware so guests can help themselves.
  • Put out labelled garbage and recycling bins to minimize cleanup.
  • If your party is kid-friendly, set up an area where the little ones can keep themselves busy with toys, colouring books or games.
  • Ensure there’s no food waste (and less clean-up!) by sharing the leftovers. Have disposable takeout containers on hand for guests to use.


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