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We’ve got a summer shopping hit list that’s worthy of backyard BBQs, patios, cottages, and pool parties. From returning fan favourites to limited-time-only releases to brand-new food products, we’ve got icy treats, snacks, drinks, and more to make the most of every summer occasion.

1. New Panache Ice Cream flavours

Looking to scoop up some new Panache ice cream flavours this summer? We’ve got some that you’ll want to dig into!

 Purple Panache Caramel Macchiato Ice Cream tub with a scoop of the ice cream in the right-hand corner along with a few coffee beans.

Panache Caramel Macchiato Ice Cream

This rich coffee ice cream, made with Canadian milk and cream, gets a swirl of caramel toffee ripple. It’s like a frosty coffee break, upgraded.

 Purple tub of Panache Cookie Dough & Brownie Ice Cream featured on the front with a few chocolate chips scattered to one side.

Panache Cookie Dough & Brownie Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate lovers, rejoice! This chocolate ice cream, made with Canadian milk and cream, is studded with delectable chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough and baked brownie bits. Grab your spoons!

2. Shaw’s Ice Cream

We’ve got two new Shaw’s Ice Cream flavours hitting ice cream cones, sundaes, and bowls near you this summer. Find them in our freezer aisles this summer. Introducing our Sobeys-exclusive flavours:

Purple tub of Shaw’s Betty’s Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream with graphic design of blueberries on package

Shaw’s Betty’s Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

It’s said that Betty Bickell made the very best blueberry cheesecakes. This frosty take on her iconic recipe is made with a creamy cheesecake base that gets swirled with Canadian blueberries and graham cracker pieces for a tangy-sweet sensation.

Shaw’s blue, white and brown tub pack shot of its chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream flavour with cookie-like graphic images shown.

Shaw’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Chewy chunks of cookie dough and chocolate chips get mixed into a delightful cookie dough–flavoured base to bring back your favourite childhood memories in every scoop!

3. Compliments Pineapple Flavour Sparkling Water

Photograph of the pineapple sparkling water can.

Cool and crisp Compliments sparkling waters come in a variety of flavours, but this tropical take is a must-try! Compliments sparkling waters are made with natural flavours, without sweeteners or sugars, and are a refreshing summer sipper. They’re the perfect cooler stock-up!

4. Soda Cookie Collection

Revel in sweet nostalgia with these sweet, snappy, and colourful Bakery Dept. cookies. They’re just what your summer needs

Two piña colada cookies sitting atop a yellow and white–striped paper napkin.

Piña Colada Cookies: Made with real pineapple pieces and chunks of sweetened coconut, these chewy cookies are like taking a bite out of the tropics.

Pink rectangular-shaped cookies drizzled with icing sitting on a yellow plate.

Cream Soda Cookies: These pretty-in-pink sugar cookies taste of classic cream soda with an icing drizzle. Consider that the cherry on top!

Six rectangular-shaped root beer cookies sitting on a red plate.

Root Beer Cookies: We bet these dark brown sugar cookies will take you right back to childhood moments of slurping back a tall, frosty glass of root beer under the shade of a tree!

5. Rainbow Cake

Sliced side shot of a piece of bakery rainbow cake with its multicoloured layers, iced in white and sitting atop a bright-yellow plate.

Who wouldn’t love a slice of the rainbow? This five-layer cake features orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple cake layers nestled in luscious vanilla buttercream. And if that isn’t enough of a party for you, you can make any day a celebration with our specialty cake lineup from our Bakery Dept.!

6. Compliments Milk Chocolate Salted Cashews

A light-blue bag with an image of milk chocolate–covered cashews on the package.

Enrobed in a creamy, milk chocolate, these pink Himalayan salt–dusted cashews are the ultimate sweet and savoury snack.

7. Compliments Jumbleberry Pie

Pack shot of Compliments Jumbleberry Pie in a brown kraft-paper box with a purple tag calling out the flavour.

This seasonal flaky-crust pie has a sweet-tart filling made with real strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries that follows a Maritime recipe from Nova Scotia. Available while quantities last, so get yours fast!

8. Compliments Mexican Street Style Corn Dip

 Package of COmpliments Mexican Street Style Corn Dip.

This dip is a take on a Mexican style elote recipe, made with smoky roasted corn, feta cheese, spicy chipotle, and jalapeños, with notes of fresh cilantro and lime. Dip to your heart’s content or spread over freshly grilled corn cobs with a sprinkling of fresh cilantro.

9. Compliments Bacon Ranch Dip

 Package of Compliments Bacon Ranch Dip

This homestyle ranch dip is made with real smoked bacon with notes of fresh buttermilk and garlic. It makes the perfect dip or doubles as the ultimate topper for baked potatoes or potato skins.

10. Compliments Plant-Based Queso Dip

A clear glass jar of Compliments Plant-Based Queso Dip pictured as a dip alongside red tortilla chips on the jar artwork.

Thick, smooth, and cheese-like in flavour, this medium-heat-level dip is plant-based, made with whole-grain oat beverage powder, with background notes of jalapeño. Grab a bag of your favourite tortilla chips and get dipping! Certified by Plant Based Foods of Canada.

11. Compliments Himalayan Pink Salt Popcorn

Pink bag of Compliments Himalayan Pink Salt Popcorn mounded over an illustration of the Himalayan mountain range on package.

Fluffy, crisp, and seasoned with pink Himalayan salt, this tasty treat is popped in coconut oil for an almost virtuous snack!

12. Compliments Caramel and Cheddar Popcorn Mix

Purple Compliments bag of Compliments Cheddar and Caramel Popcorn sitting in a purple bowl on package.

Sweet and savoury, this buttery, rich caramel and cheesy, salty cheddar-coated popcorn is everything you’re craving in a snack! Perfect for road tripping, camping under the stars, or bonfire storytelling.

13. Compliments Maple & Aged White Cheddar Popcorn Mix

Red package of Compliments Maple & Aged White Cheddar Popcorn Mix sitting in a red bowl on package alongside a wedge of cheddar and a bottle of maple syrup.

A Product of the Year award winner, this popcorn mix is made with real grade A Canadian maple syrup. This sweet, smoky popcorn gets a savoury sprinkling of white cheddar flavour for a uniquely Canuck spin on the Chicago mix. Available for a limited time only.

14. Compliments Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels

Clear plastic tub filled with square peanut-butter-filled pretzels with a green Compliments label on the fro

Fluffy yet crisp, with a dusting of salt, these real peanut-butter-filled pretzel squares are just the snack your summer beer or zero-proof cocktail is asking for.

15. Panache Key Lime and Strawberry Petites Mousses Selection

Pack shot of a purple box with petite mousses on them, one key lime and one strawberry.

These bite-size indulgences are rich, fluffy, sweet, and tart! This sweet pairing is ready to eat and special enough for just about any occasion. Made with real strawberries and key lime juice from concentrate, they’re topped with patisserie-worthy chocolatey curls for a pretty finish.

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