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If you’re in charge of the holiday meal this year and are in search of the perfect roast, we’ve got twelve tempting options from which to choose.

Want to have an impressive roast centerpiece this year? Find a perfect prime rib, ducks, Cornish hens and turkey, to a crown loin crown roast, available in our Sobeys Meat Dept. We’ve got recipe ideas and even a roast calculator to help you get the right amount of meat you’ll need to feed for your guestlist.

1. Sterling Silver® Prime Rib Easy Carve Roast

Sliced roast on white serving tray surrounded by figs, shallots, and rosemary

Enjoy a succulent rib roast without the work. This generously marbled and full-flavoured roast has been separated and tied back so all you have to do is season it and serve with a simple shallot and red wine gravy.

Calculate how much prime rib you need for your feast

2. Sterling Silver® Beef Tenderloin Roast

Top-down view of table with serving dish of beef wellington with roasted potatoes on a green platter.

For premium beef, Sobeys has you covered with a tenderloin roast that’s aged to perfection and rich in flavor. Serve as an Easy Beef Wellington and watch everyone’s mouths water.

Expertly calculate how much tenderloin and extras you’ll need here

3. Sterling Silver® Top Sirloin Beef Roast

Top-down view of roast sirloin and slices of roast sirloin on  dark blue serving dish with side of roasted carrots.

Sobeys hand-selects their beef to ensure you always have the best cut for your table. No one at your dinner party will be able to resist the beautifully marbled roast and enticing aromas of this grainy mustard and Herbes de Provence rub

Not sure how much to put on your list? Calculate your portions here.

4. Panache Hickory-Smoked Honey Spiral Ham

sliced ham on pink plate with small bowl of pineapple chutney surrounded by vegetables.

Ham doesn’t come easier than this. Our Panache Hickory-Smoked Honey Spiral Ham comes pre-sliced and pre-cooked for your convenience, plus we’ve added our own sweet glaze for added ease (and flavour!). Enjoy the hickory smoke flavour with your favourite roasted vegetables and pineapple chutney

Never get too much or too little – use our Roast Calculator for the right amount every time.

5. Festive Sausages

Festive sausages flavoured with apple cranberry stuffing, bacon and caramelized onion in a green baking dish roasted with yellow, green and red bell peppers.

Have a winter wiener roast with our new exciting holiday flavoured sausages. Our Apple Cranberry Pork Stuffing, Bacon & Caramelized Onion and Apple Cinnamon Festive Sausages are great on their own or used as a stuffing.

Barbecued Sausage, Sweet Potato & Cherry Stuffing Recipe

6. Boneless Lamb Leg

Top-down view of a place setting with circular dish of lamb and roasted garlic on a blue plate.

What’s more perfect than a gorgeous boneless lamb leg at the centre of your holiday table? How about a leg lamb served with a savoury mint pesto? Roast lamb cooks to tender, falls off the bone, and is a feast for the eyes and the palate!

Get the right amount of lamb the first time with our Roast Calculator

7. Pork Crown Roast

crown roast on plate stuffed with veggies on a blue and white platter.

For a photo-worthy roast centerpiece, look no further than the epic Pork Loin Crown Roast. This is the one roast friends, family, and the whole Internet will be buzzing about for months (until you post next year’s roast, of course). Top with Orange-Pomegranate Glaze as the ultimate finishing touch.

To account for every head make sure you have enough Crown Roast when you use our Roast Calculator

8. Pork Porchetta Roast

Pork Porchetta Roast

Take your dinner guests to Italy via this Porchetta Roast. Rolled and generously seasoned with garlic, sage, and rosemary, this the tastiest conversation starter you’ll serve all year. Serve with your favourite sides and dinner’s done!

20 crowd-pleasing sides

9. Stuffed Salmon Roasts

Turquoise platter with whole stuffed salmon roast, dill spigs and lemon wedges.

Big gatherings call for lots of options, and yours can include a delicious stuffed salmon in one of 3 flavours, for something different. Sobeys Ready For You Salmon Roast comes freshly prepared, so all you have to do is roast and serve. Easiest stunning seafood dinner ever.

Our Seafood Dept. has you covered with loads of fresh, pre-prepped options.

10. Compliments Boneless Stuffed Turkey Roast

 stuffed turkey breast medallions on greeb serving dish with utensils and Brussel sprouts. (TRU: focus on turkey and side dish- NOT prime rib)

Serving a smaller crowd this holiday? Give yourself a break with this heat and serve Compliments Boneless Stuffed Turkey Roast. Tender breasts and thigh meat come ready with a cranberry stuffing, so you have an effortless holiday main for smaller gatherings.

Up the ante on holiday classics and get new side dish ideas that shine.

11. Beef Short Ribs, Thin Cut

white plate with fork, rice pilaf, and cucumber salad beside blue bowl of rice and sperate blue serving dish of short ribs.

Who said ribs were just for summer? This crowd pleaser makes a terrific appetizer for any holiday party. Make them spicy, sweet or a combo of both so everyone can dig in. Ours are ready to eat in under 10 minutes.

Need perfectly marinated short ribs in a short amount of time? Our Meat Dept. has a variety of meats marinated in all your favourite flavours.

12. Red Wine Braised Nagano Pork Shank

Red Wine Braised Nagano Pork Shank

What could be better than a plate of tender, braised Nagano pork shank? Cooked slowly in a red wine sauce with aromatic spices – this Nagano Pork Shank is incredibly aromatic and ready to eat within minutes.

Learn more about Nagano pork

For more holiday inspiration


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