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Wondering what to stock up on this Thanksgiving? We’ve got a handy list of Thanksgiving dinner essentials to set you up for success. From roasts and sides to hot-out-of-the-oven rolls, and pies, here are some seasonal favourites to make any Thanksgiving dinner shine.

1. Thanksgiving Roasts

From traditional beef roasts and hams, here are the most loved, Thanksgiving roasts to make your dinner special this year.

Sterling Silver® Inside Round Roast Beef

Sliced roast on a gray speckled tray served with roasted vegetables on a marble tabletop.

This crowd-pleaser is not only budget-friendly, it also delivers on flavour and juiciness. We recommend this Pepper, Mustard & Thyme Crusted Roast Beef recipe to bring it all together.


 Roasted turkey on a white platter.

Whether you choose to order a fresh turkey from our Meat Dept., or buy a frozen, pre-basted bird, we’ve got you covered with a variety of options and recipes to make your Thanksgiving dinner special.

Panache Hickory-Smoked Honey Spiral Ham

Glazed, sliced Panache hickory smoked honey spiral ham on a white platter with roasted cauliflower on the side, next to a carving fork and knife.

This fan favourite comes ready to heat and serve, or you can take it up a notch with a spicy rub and roasted vegetables.

Nagano Pork Tenderloin

Cryovac package of Nagano pork tenderloin with writing on the front.

Bake it, roast it, or cut it into medallions, this versatile, 100% Canadian raised pork tenderloin offers a rich flavour and tender meat. If you’re looking for something unexpected this holiday, try our Peanut-Crusted Pork Tenderloin.

Boneless Leg of Lamb

Boneless leg of lamb roasted in a white baking dish alongside roasted new potatoes on a white countertop, next to a fresh green salad.

Lamb roast has never been simpler. This boneless cut cooks to tender, juicy perfection and is so easy to carve. We’ve included mini potatoes in the same pan and fresh mint pesto recipe to pull it all together.

2. Stuffing Essentials

Stock up on these key basics to make homemade, flavourful stuffing. Some of our favourite recipes include Festive Cranberry & Nut Stuffing, and Barbecued Sausage, Sweet Potato & Cherry Stuffing.

French Loaf from our Bakery Dept.

A stick of French loaf in a brown, craft paper package with a clear plastic window.

Pick up a French loaf or two from our Bakery Dept. For you stuffing, croutons and to serve with a creamy butter on the side.

Compliments Mild Italian Pork Sausage

 Package of Compliments mild Italian pork sausage with a pink sticker on the front.

Go for mild or spicy Italian pork sausage to amp up your stuffing.

Compliments Roasted & Salted Deluxe Mixed Nuts

Brown wrapped tin of Compliments Roasted & Salted Deluxe Mixed nuts with a photo of the nut mix on the label.

Nuts give stuffings an earthy flavour and pleasing crunch. Or buy a tin to serve with cocktails as guests start to arrive.

3. Ready For You Prepared Foods

Veggie Grillers & Roasters

Deluxe mixed vegetable griller in a black bowl with an orange handled spoon.

Let us do the peeling, slicing and dicing with ready-to-cook veggie grillers & roasters in various combinations including: Pepper Medley, BBQ Sauté Deluxe Vegetable, and Mixed Petite Potato.


 Margherita topped flatbread with tomatoes, cheese and basil.

Our ready to heat and enjoy flatbreads are just the thing when you want a tasty nibble without the fuss.

Stuffed Mushroom Caps

Perfect for an app or a unique side, our stuffed Portobello mushroom caps come in imitation crab & shrimp or cheddar, spinach, bacon, and shrimp. Oven bake or grill for something decidedly different this Thanksgiving.

4. Compliments Yellow-Fleshed Potatoes

 Blue paper bag package of Compliments yellow-fleshed mashing potatoes with a barn illustration.

Thanksgiving dinner isn’t complete without creamy, fluffy, buttery mashed potatoes. These yellow-fleshed mashing potatoes are just the thing for your favourite kind of mash: Cheddar & Garlic or chive mash.

5. Compliments Chicken Broth

Blue tetra Pak of Compliments Chicken Broth with a measuring cup image on the front full of broth.

Having a couple of packs of chicken broth or chicken bouillon cubes on hand can be a lifesaver during the holidays. It can help boost a gravy if you’re short on pan drippings, enrich your favourite mash (root veggies, potatoes, cauliflower), and keep your turkey moist if you cooked it early and need the oven space. It comes in handy if you’ve got leftover turkey and want to make a soup or pot pie, too!

6. Baking Essentials

What’s Thanksgiving without a picture-perfect pie? Here are some staples to keep you baking.

Compliments Pie Shells

Yellow Compliments pie shell package with a photo on the front.

Take the pastry guess work out of pie making with this no-fuss short cut. Flaky and tasty, these are so good, no one will guess you didn’t make these from scratch.

Compliments Pure Pumpkin Purée

Light blue wrapped tin can of Compliments pure pumpkin puree.

Pure pumpkin purée says it all- and it’s just what you want to fill your pie with a dollop of cream. Or get fancy with one of our five incredibly good pie topper ideas.

7. Compliments Cranberries

 Clear plastic bag of Compliments fresh cranberries with a blue illustration of a farmhouse.

Turkey dinner isn’t complete without that ruby red, sweet-tart cranberry sauce! In just twenty minutes, you can make your own Easy Cranberry Sauce and if you like yours a little extra fancy, just add orange zest and a spoonful of your favourite orange liqueur while cooking. Tip: buy an extra bag and whip up the ultimate Thanksgiving Brie cheese topper for something special.

8. Compliments Cranberry Ginger Ale Flavour Soda

Red box of depicting cans of Compliments Cranberry Ginger Ale Soda.

This Compliments Cranberry Ginger Ale Flavour Soda puts you in a thanksgiving holiday state of mind with every sip. Whip up a pitcher of this Cranberry Sangria (use some in lieu of the lemon sparkling water) or simply pour over ice with a few fresh mint leaves for a refreshing alternative.

9. Squash for Side Dishes

 Variety of squashes sliced and on a green cutting board next to a knife.

Add an autumnal squash-based side dish to your meal this Thanksgiving and watch them eat it up! From crisp zucchini to rich, earthy pumpkins, squash is a family of vegetables that has a uniquely wide range of flavour profiles, textures, and uses. Not sure where to start? Check out our Squash 101 guide for a full range of options, recipes and tips.

10. Fresh Infarm Herbs

Infarm branded paper cones containing fresh herbs.

Infarm fresh herbs, grown in environmentally controlled, vertical, modular farming units at select Sobeys stores, add vibrancy and a fresh burst of flavour to most any Thanksgiving dish. From herb-flecked Cauliflower Rice, an elegant Walnut-Herb Risotto, to an umami-rich Garlic-Herb Butter perfect for your baked potatoes, there’s a world of possibilities to explore.


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