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Better Food Guide to Peppers

Peppers are no ordinary vegetable. Whether they’re enjoyed roasted, raw on a veggie platter, or puréed into sauces, they can impart subtle warmth or red-hot heat. No matter the recipe, there’s a pepper to complement every dish.

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Better Food Guide to Melons

Cool, crisp and super-juicy, melons are one of the most refreshing fruits you can sink your teeth into. They come in several varieties, each with a distinct flavour and charm. (Fun garden fact: Melons are cousins of squash, cucumber and pumpkin—and are just as versatile.) We say grab a few different kinds and experiment with them in sweet and savoury dishes.

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Better Food Guide to Berries

Fresh berries are nature’s candy: We enjoy them as a quick treat straight from the box, and they taste amazing puréed into a simple sauce or cooked up as a taste-of-summer dessert. Frozen berries make a versatile year-round alternative with a similar nutritional value. And don’t forget dried berries—they're perfect for scattering on your morning oatmeal, grabbing as a snack, tossing into salads and baking into cookies.

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Better Food Guide to Root Vegetables

Root vegetables should really be staples in any kitchen. They are a hearty way to add substance to a meal, last a long time in storage and hold up to a variety of cooking methods. Roasting is a classic way to prepare root vegetable and brings out their natural sweetness, but braising, grilling and even mashing will also do justice to these underground wonders.

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