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Better Food Guide to Freezing

Stocking your freezer with the right stuff helps you save time and money. A well-stocked icebox not only turns meal planning and batch cooking second nature, it also comes to the rescue when unexpected circumstances crop up. Why? Because these freezer staples can be transformed into last minute meals at any given time.

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Better Food Guide to Vinegars

From crunchy pickles and tangy vinaigrettes to perfect sauces and even flaky pie crusts, vinegars add zing to our cooking and baking. With pucker power to spare, it’s no surprise that the name vinegar comes from the French vin aigre, meaning sour wine. All vinegars are made by adding bacteria to alcohol, which is then converted to the acetic acid that gives vinegars their sharp taste. With so many options available—white, wine, sherry, malt, cider and more—you’ll want to keep several bottles on hand to make the most of their varied flavours.

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Better Food Guide to Oils

From light-tasting canola to peppery extra virgin olive, oils are key kitchen staples that add flavour to marinades and salads, texture to sauces and condiments and moisture to baked goods. We think it’s fun to experiment with less common oils, too, such as avocado, coconut and walnut. Using this guide to oils, you can find the best matches for your cooking needs.

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Better Food Guide to Nuts and Seeds

We’re nutty for these powerhouse plant foods. A little goes a long way, which means it’s easy to experiment with all kinds of options. We enjoy them raw as a snack, toasted as salad toppers and even ground or puréed into flours and nut butters. Add some texture and flavour to your next dish with our guide to nuts and seeds.

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