The red carpet has been rolled out and the cameras are flashing. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to awards season. As glamorous as it may look, spending the evening stuffed into a tux or evening gown can’t compare to time spent with friends devouring your favourite food. It’s not what you’re wearing, but what you’re eating that counts. An evening with friends, family and Hollywood’s finest calls for an assortment of award-worthy appetizers, snacks, desserts and drinks. With our handy hosting tips and easy to prepare recipes, throwing an awards show party is a breeze.

Tips to help you take home best party director
It doesn’t take much to make movie magic at home. A little planning gets you prepped for the big night!

  • Let your invitations reflect the theme of the party. Use related phrases like, “You’ve been nominated…”, to inform guests about the soiree’s details. Will your event be formal or casual? Make sure the dress code is made clear on the invitation.
  • Just like an awards show, assign your guests seating. Print out pictures of each “nominee” and place them on the chair, cushion or beanbag you’ve reserved for them.
  • Print ballots with all the major categories and respective nominees and let guests predict the winners — before the show starts! At the end of night, tally up the points to find the winner. Cater to everyone’s competitive side and offer a prize. Movie passes or gourmet popcorn fill the bill.
  • Don’t stress about decorations. Keep it simple with some sparkle, like gold star cut-outs and streamers, or use rolls of coloured ticket stubs to create ambience.
  • Everyone likes a goody bag. Send guests off with homemade treats. Cookies cut into stars or mini film reels pack nicely into cellophane bags.

Ready to stay in and enjoy the show? Mix-and-match recipes for a big night of food, fun and outstanding performance in a hosting role.

Best Appetizer in a Leading Role
Bring the stars to the table with a selection of shining appetizers.

Ham & Smoked Gouda Croquettes
Crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, smoked Gouda and ham shine in this app.

Easy Tarragon Shrimp Cocktail
Make this retro appetizer the star of the show with our twist on classic cocktail sauce.

Crab Cakes with Zesty Dipping Sauce
These sweet crab patties with a panko crust can be prepped in advance and cooked before your guests arrive.

Smoked Salmon, Capers & Arugula Flatbread
Pass around winning bites of crisp flatbread topped with fresh dill, grated eggs and drizzled with honey mustard.

Chicken & Goat Cheese Sweet Potato Poutine
Turn up Canadian talent at the table with this blockbuster poutine featuring gooey goat cheese melted over chicken and sweet potatoes.

Best Snacks in a Supporting Role
Snacking in style is easy when you feature winning ingredients.

Crunchy Pita Chips
Whole-wheat pita triangles are transformed into crunchy chips and are topped with poppy, sesame and caraway seeds.

Sweet and Spicy Blue Cheese Dip
Heat up an old classic with your choice of hot sauce and a drizzle of honey.

Homemade Veggie Chips with Ricotta Feta Dip
Oven-baked root veg are paired with a cheese-rich dip for a snack that won’t last long.

Parmesan & Herb Crisps
Nutty Parmesan gets a lift from lemon zest and chives in this delicious snack that’s ready in 20 minutes.

Spice-Roasted Almonds
Roasted with sweet and smoky spices such as paprika and cumin, these almonds will wow all critics.

Award-Worthy Desserts
These desserts are cameraready and might just steal the show.

Roasted Exotic Fruits & Coconut Cream
Warm spices and caramelized fruit star in this recipe. A cool cloud of whipped coconut cream is the finishing touch.

Chocolate-Dipped Pretzels
Salty pretzels get sweetly dressed with melted chocolate and a rainbow of sprinkles.

Coconut Popcorn
A movie night essential, this popular snack goes from low budget to blockbuster thanks to sweetened coconut.

Rosemary-Lemon Olive Oil Cake
Get ready to indulge like a star with a slice of golden cake suggestive of sunny lemon and earthy rosemary.

Tiramisu Fudge
Victory is sweet with creamy squares of chocolate and coffee studded with cookie crumbs.

Cheesecake Truffle Skewers
A dessert treat on a stick means that you can skip the plates and focus on the show.

Best Drink Mixing
With a simple garnish, these cocktails (and mocktails) will wow any critics.

Pomegranate-Clementine Negroni
Freshly squeezed citrus and pomegranate juices give this classically herbaceous cocktail a fruity makeover.

Blueberry Tea Martini
Almond-flavoured amaretto, Earl Grey tea and liqueur blend together to create a delicious cocktail that tastes like blueberries. Serve in a martini glass and a star is born!

Virgin Mojito
Simple and refreshing, bright lime juice plays a supporting role to fresh mint.

Lemon & Ginger Fizz
Bubbly lemon soda and sweet pineapple juice are infused with fresh ginger for a drink that’s made for the spotlight.

Champagne Cocktail
Cheer the winners with this classy sparkling wine sipper bursting with juicy fruit and sprigs of mint.